Halloween Party at Premiere Matsudo

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Halloween Party at Premiere Matsudo

Hello everyone! It’s been a while.

I’ve been swimming in work. This is a picture of me working:

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Anyway, October is almost over and with the end of October coming, so is Halloween. Now, for those who live in Japan and don’t know where Halloween comes from, then I’ll tell you.

Halloween deprives from an ancient Celtic festival called Samhain (which is the original name of Halloween). If you don’t know who the Celtic people were, basically just think people from Ireland and northern France. The Celtic people would light fires and wear costumes to ward off evil spirits.

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Flash forward to 2018, now we have Halloween as an excuse for little kids to get cavities and for adults to party and get drunk.

Japan is no exception to the rule. I don’t know if people are that overworked but when I looked at the news, people in Shibuya were acting completely crazy. They were damaging property. They trashed the city. It was really shocking.

But I was really happy to see in the news all of the people who got up to help pick it up. It's really appreciated. I hope those people get a good reward in the future.

Premiere Matsudo also had their own Halloween party, but thankfully, we didn’t trash the sharehouse. Our Halloween party was a lot more controlled and relaxed.

A good amount of people came. We made star-shaped hamburgers. We grilled hot dogs. In the middle of the table was a fountain of candy. I brought gummy worms, toasted marshmallows, and Twix.

There were people in different costumes. One person came as a wizard. Another had a pumpkin costume. Sasaki-san’s costume was my favorite. He was a rock-and-roller. His guitar was even real!


Someone brought their sister and brother to the party, and I was happy they knew English. Most times when I go to a party, I feel weird talking to the same people. I want to meet other people and get to know them, but due to my limited Japanese, it is very hard.

As for me, I simply dressed up as Judy Hopps from Zootopia. I had the full police uniform and it came with ears and a tail too! When I put it on, to be honest, I felt like wanting to be a real police officer. I think the police uniforms in Japan look really good. I feel like I can really respect the police here.

On Wednesday, even though the news was bad, I might still go to Shibuya to show off my costume as well as take pictures of other people’s costumes. Also, I still feel like I don’t have much friends and I want to meet new people. However, I hope nothing bad happens. I might just go back home if it does.
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