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Deliberation for India

I really cherish the likelihood of incredible opportunity which is magnifying our prospective or point of view by discussing variety topic with people have different background in this dwelling. Always there is a gap between theatrical way and practical way. We sometimes have to deal with so much bizzer stuff. Majority of Indian have been staying at share house, so we have a chance to talk about Indian society. My friend says it is not as good as Japan. He often use the word "corrupted". What he means by corrupted is that mostly government. Many braves and illegal behavior are still existing. As a result registering company for the country is taking 3 months, whereas Singapore is an hour. For a patent, it takes nearly 6 month as well. According to the book "Factualness" which is written by a Swedish professor, India is categorised level 2 (level 1 up to 4, 4 is highest).

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Hello, this is Angela and I am French. Having good time in Social Residence Narita.