What do to around your Oakhouse part 2

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What do to around your Oakhouse part 2

In this post we continue exploring the area around Oakhouse Miyamaedaira Terrace. One of the things that are absolutely fascinating about Japan is the public transportation system. In the last post we explored Yokohama area which is easily accessible from Miyamaedaira Terrace. On this post we will focus on the other direction which is Tokyo. One of the biggest benefits of Miyamaedaira terrace is definitely that you have both Tokyo and Yokohama waiting for you at your doorstep. For me this was especially important as the company I am working at has two offices, one is located in Yokohama and the other one right at Shibuya Station which is in Tokyo.


From Miyamaedaira Terrace you can hop on the train that takes you within 25 minutes right to the centre of Tokyo. There is a direct connection to DT1 stop, which is also known as Shibuya Station. You do not even have to change trains to get there (you can if you want to get there even faster and change to an express train that serves the same line).


A visit to Shibuya from Miyamaedaira is super easy and definitely one of my favourite options after work. Especially at night Shibuya area looks amazing. Lots of huge billboards, small shops and fancy restaurants to eat and a ton of people. You can just go there to watch and I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

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If Shibuya is not enough for you, you have many of the major train connection stopping at Shibuya, so you can easily explore most areas of Tokyo from Miyamaedaira Terrace with making only one stop at Shibuya and change trains there. It is definitely recommended to buy a Pasmo or Suica card as you don’t have to worry about what is the exact fare to your destination anymore. Everything gets deducted automatically and you can even use it at a payment method in most shops and department stores. So definitely think about this before you start exploring your new home area.

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You could probably go to Tokyo every single day after work and you will still find new things you can explore and check out. There is simply so many options you can decide from. From Shrines and cultural activities like living history museums where you can wear an original Samurai outfit to fancy and modern Virtual Reality experiences, for example the one at Shinjuku Station. And we haven’t even started talking about all the different types of cafes and restaurants you can explore.

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