Top 4 places to eat around Miyamaedaira Terrace

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Top 4 places to eat around Miyamaedaira Terrace

Welcome back to the next post. If you have read them all you might be hungry by now. That’s actually perfect timing. In this post I will show you my favourite places to eat around Miyamaedaira Terrace


The order of the places in this post does not indicate a ranking as there are simply too many different options and there are different criteria for each one of those places. This list is simply supposed to give you an overview about my favourite and most convenient places to go to.


  1. Freshness Burger

A small burger store right at Miyamaedaira Station. The burgers are cheap and really tasty. It is ideal for a quick snack on the way home from the train station.


  1. Marugame Seimen.


If you are into Udon, this place is perfect for you. They offer cheap Udon dishes in three different seizes and you can add some tasty tempura to your meal for only 150 JPY extra. The Udon is freshly prepared and you can literally watch the chefs making the Udon Noodles live and in colour. Careful: Sometimes there can be quite a long line outside the restaurant. They have a nice bonus point system. Every 6th visit you get your tempura for free if you start collecting their cards

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  1. Seimen Ramen


Bascially across the street from the Udon shop you can find Seimen Ramen. The store looks like it just opened a couple years ago as the interior looks pretty new. They have a big menu and you can choose between different Ramen dishes. They range from 650 to about 100 Yen if you choose to order a set.

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  1. Conveyor Belt sushi


This is one of the most fascinating things I have seen in Japan. They have those kind of Sushi stores basically all over the city so we are lucky that we have on right next to our Oakhouse Miyamaedaira terrace as well. You can pick the Sushi you like that passes by or simply order specifically what you want and wait for it until it arrives at your table ans simply pick it up. It is fun to go there and a great idea to have lunch or dinner with your friends



This is only the top 4 places that are most conveniently accessible from the Oakhouse within 5 minutes walking distance. In another post I will expand the list a little by my absolute favourite restaurants close by within 3 or 4 metro stations.

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