In the Lap of Manga Gods! Visiting Jump Festa ’19

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In the Lap of Manga Gods! Visiting Jump Festa ’19

One of the most influencing Japanese soft powers, which bring interest of foreigners is, of course, anime and manga pop-culture. Anime was a part of my life since early childhood. I never forget the moment I first saw Dragon Ball. I was 10 or 11 years old that time, I was changing channels and immediately stopped when I saw Son Goku fighting Freeza. I was captured by the design of characters and story right away.

A lot of works I grew up with was Shonen Jump mangas – started from Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya to Naruto, Bleach, One Piece… all of them bring much enjoy in my life and brought me to many smaller and bigger journeys! In the early 2000’ manga and anime was hardly avaliable in my country – Poland. It may be hard to believe nowedays, but that time we didn’t have open access to Internet. There were two small manga publishing companies with a few titles avaliable and small editions. As for the kid from small town like me, I needed to put a lot of effort to get new volume of manga or get or an access to new anime series. I needed to travel to a bigger city with a chain-bookstore called Empik, which was one of the few sellers who offer manga at that time. One day my romance with Japanese anime and mangas expand to the bigger interest in Japanese traditional culture and, in the end, it took me to the greatest journey of my life – to Japan itself!

Since Shonen Jump mangas played a meaning part in my life I could not miss the opportunity to take part in Jump Festa ‘19 held at 22nd and 23rd December.

Jump Festa ジャンプフェスタ convention is all about manga and anime sponsored by Shueisha publishing company, creator of the various Jump anthologies. Started in 1999 (this year edition was the 20th anniversary!) it is held for two days in December. During the event new manga, anime, films, games and merchandise are being introduced. Accord the tradition special item or episode is presented at Festa to prove that creators are still full of amazing ideas.

Same as the previous years, this year edition was also hold in Makuhari Messe in Chiba - one of the biggest convention centers. It is quite journey from Yokohama but definitely worth it. Best way to get there is take Tokaido line to Tokyo station and change here for Keiyo line for Soga.


Just arrived at Festa!


Hello Luffy!


Dear Shenron, grant my wish and give me a lots of money, so I can buy all that nice merchandise here...

Game designers, such as Bandai Namco Entertainment, Capcom and character figure designers like Banpresto are also attending the event to announce and present new works.


This great Goku figure will be on sell in April!


This pleasure cost 88,000 yen...


Breathtaking Hinata

In the last building there is a big stage where the main events are being held. Here you can see and hear your favourite voice actors introducing you to new works from the universe of famous titles! I enjoyed the performance of One Piece voice crew and it looks like there will be new movie, drama and anime episodes next year!


Festa Big Stage. Waiting for One Piece event

If you are a fan of some Jump work you definitely cannot miss Jump Festa convention! Make sure to be Tokyo in December!

Best regards!


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