Car Rental with Oakhouse housemates

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Car Rental with Oakhouse housemates

Today I am going to tell you about a very nice trip we did by car to Chiba area, which is known for Surfing and Sea Food restaurants, nice coastal towns and beautiful nature.

Of course It was too cold for us to go surfing, but there was still tons of stuff to do and see around Chiba Area. We specifically went to the Southern part of Chiba Area.

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First, let us start with logistics. Going to Chiba area requires a little bit of planning is many areas are not easily accessible by train. There are trains going there, but I recommend to rent a car together with some friends as it will end up being much cheaper.

We went for the car rental station right at Miyamaedaira Station. The booking resp. reservation is super simple and it is possible to do it in English. Make sure to make your reservation at least 48h in advance as there might be a possibility that no cars are available on the day you want to go.

You only have to make a reservation online. No pre payment is needed and you can simply pay when you go pick up the car. Make sure you have a Japanese driver or international drivers licence. I will explain the procedure to get an international license in one of my other posts. Once you have the correct lisence you are good to go. Driving in Japan is easy, for the first time it is recommended to take some of your Japanese roommates with you in case you are a little afraid of driving on ‘the wrong’ side of the road. Apart from that driving is super comfortable as there are speed limits and everyone accepts them and drives very carefully. There is also a toll highway system which you should be aware of. To use those highways you have to pay extra which can add up your final bill a little. So definitely keep that in mind. Most gas stations are underground, so it can be a little tricky to find them.


When you return the car make sure you fill up the tank, but I guess that is pretty much standard in all countries for car rentals. In general we had a very good experience and renting a car with your Oakhouse roommates is fun a relatively cheap way to get out of Tokyo and explore other beautiful places in Japan.

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