Time for a Christmas dinner

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Time for a Christmas dinner

It is starting to getting closer to Christmas. Although Christmas time should supposed to be a little more relaxed than the rest of the year it always turns out to be the other way round. People freak out at work about tasks they forgot to do and try to crunch every possible thing within the last days of the year. After having to listen to the Christmas music at Tokyo store every day I am not sure anymore if I am really excited about the Christmas time. Hopefully they start playing some different type of music soon.. These days are packed with Christmas or Year End parties from a lot of different organizations. Of course we had a typical Japanese Christmas party at work and we also had one from our language class. Of course a Oakhouse Christmas dinner had to be done as well. We decided to meet with some other people who are living at Oakhouse properties close by and have a dinner together. After some restaurant reseach we decided to go to a restaurant. We chose a place called Monsoon which is located at Tama Plaza station. This location was conveniently located between all of our houses, so it was just a 5 min train ride from Oakhouse Miyamaedaira Terrace for me and about the same time for most of my friends.


When we arrived at the restaurant we obviously made a good choice for a Christmas dinner. We saw a lot of groups from different companies having the same plan as us. We even spotted a large group of people that turned out to be from another department from the company I work for.

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After starting the dinner with some cheap Welcome cocktails which were only 500 Yen each we started ordering food. In Japan you typically order different dishes and share them rather compared to the US or Europe where usually everyone gets his own dish. I actually prefer this style of eating as you can enjoy different types of food and you are not stuck with your dish if you don’t like it. You will most likely find something you like if you order in Japanese style and you don’t have to be afraid that while sharing food your friends will eat all the things you like while you are left with only small things. That will most likely not happen as there is always a lot of food on the table. We spent around 5.000 JPY each including drinks which I would say is quite reasonable for the amount of food and drinks we had with our Oakhouse friends.

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