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Finding Ramen in Kichijoji

If you come to Japan, it's highly likely that you're here to try some of the amazing local cuisine. Of course no trip would be complete without some authentic ramen. If you're living or taking a day trip to Kichijoji, be sure to step out of the trendy cafe scene and try out some of more gritty restaurants - you won't be disappointed.

Before I came to live here in Kichijoji, I was researching about what places would be good to eat at. I try to cook as much as I can at home since the kitchen here is really a great space to use, but sometimes I like to treat myself and visit one of the many restaurants. During one of my research bouts I came across a recommendation for a ramen shop tucked away in Kichijoji's lively Harmonica Alley.

Harmonica Alley boasts a great night scene, with a range of bars from cheap and cheerful to the more refined tastes. It's definitely a great place to go to with some friends, especially if you know enough Japanese to interact with the other interesting locals there.

Don't just assume Harmonica is for drinking, there are so many good places to eat there too. From pizza to amazing yakitori, you're bound to find a list of places you would want to visit again and again. But if you are going to try anywhere, please try the tiny little ramen place called みんみん (Min-Min).

It's actually pretty easy to walk past this place as it's squeezed in between many other bars. If you can grab a seat make sure to order one of their ramen (I recommend the wanton ramen) and a plate of gyoza. Honestly, I came to みんみん to try out their ramen, but the gyoza was the real show stopper. Made with fresh chopped spring onion inside, the texture was just crispy enough to balance out the slightly thicker dough - really really recommend this.

This time I tried the soy sauce ramen, a staple flavour, and I was not disappointed. The noodles used here have a slight eggy taste which makes them so addictive to eat. The broth itself was flavourful but didn't have too much oil. When ordering, the chef made sure if I wanted to add vegetables or not - a nice touch of customer service which made me want to come back here again.

The only thing I regret about going to みんみん is that while leaving I saw another customer being served a fresh plate of fried rice and it looked so amazing! As soon as I saw it, I wish I had ordered some for myself... Good thing this restaurant is so close to my sharehouse because I'm planning on going again as soon as I can.

みんみん ramen
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