Enjoying Tokyo in Winter (3): Tokyo from above!

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Enjoying Tokyo in Winter (3): Tokyo from above!

There is probably no better way to enjoy Tokyo than looking at from the bird-eye perspective! The view of no-ending city structures are just breathtaking. In the winter, at clear weather days, the snow-capped peaks of far mountains are fairly visible and if you are lucky you can admire the most beautiful jewell among them – Fuji-san. Craving for great city views I planned a visit at metropoly highest building – Tokyo Skytree Tower.

Tokyo Skytree with the height of 634 meters, is not only the highest structure in Tokyo and in the whole Japan but also the tallest broadcasting tower in the world and the second tallest structure in the world after the Burj Khalifa (829,8 m).


Tokyo Skytree

Located near the Sumida river Skytree was completed in 2012. Apart of being an observation point, the tower is the primary television and radio broadcast site for the Kantō region. The complex under Skytree also includes hundreds of shops and restaurants.

You can enjoy a Tokyo view from two desks of Skytree, located at 350 meter Tembo Deck and upper Tembo Galleria situated at 450 meter. I really recommend enjoing view from just Tembo Deck and not going higher for two reasons. The first is that the windows at Tembo Deck are simply wider and as it is 100 meters lower the view in my opinion is actually much better than at 450 m. The second reason is money – the prices of tickets for Skytree decks are really expensive. For adult going on Tembo Desks costs 2050 yen and additional 1050 yen for Tembo Galleria. There are also cafe and restaurant at Tembo Deck floors, so maybe it is better to spend that 1050 yen for some snack or drinks while enjoying a great view?


View from Tembo Deck, you can see far structure of Tokyo Tower


Shinjuku skyscrapers and Metropolitan Government Building in far background


View from Tembo Galleria

Anyway, the view is great! From such a high point all buildings looks like cardboard models, it is hard to believe how Japanese managed to create such an enormous metropoly in such short amount of time…

If paying 2050 yen for an observatory point is still to much for you there is an great alternative located in Shinjuku.


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building was designed by the Japanese famous architect Tange Kenzo, and completed in 1991. Some are saying that the inspiration for the two tower facade was the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. As the design of the building was meant to resemble a computer chip the whole structure looks like a futuristic version of Notre Dame, much taller as it reaches almost 243 meters high, while Notre Dame is only 70 meters high.


Each of towers has the panoramic observation desks located at 45 floor, providing a great view of Tokyo from 202 meters high. The most important information – you can enjoy those observation desks for free! There are also restaurants, cafes and gift shops.


At the left side you can see a tall structure of Tokyo Skytree

Important notice:

North Tower: open from 9:30-23:00, closed at the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month.
South Tower: open from 9:30-17:30 (until 23:00 when the North Tower is closed), closed at the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month.

The best way to Skytree from Yokohama Station is taking Keikyu line and Asakusa line from Sengakuji Station and getting off at the last station – Oshiage SKYTREE (580 yen one way).

To get to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building take Tokyu-Toyoko line from Yokohama station and get off at Shinjuku-sanchome station (440 yen one way).


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