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First Japanese homemade breakfast

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-09 at 21.20.50Today I cooked my first Japanese breakfast at Oakhouse Miyamaedaira Terrace. During my trips all over Japan I had Japanese style breakfast in many hotels, but now I finally know how to cook it. My roommate showed me how to do it. First she sent me with a shopping list to the local supermarket just around the corner at Oakhouse Miyamaedaira Station. The shopping list included. One pack of rice, one onion, one piece of tofu, four eggs, one pack of spinach as well as a miso soup flavor bottle.


The dish for today was boiled rice, homemade miso soup and the Japanese style prepared egg you get in most restaurants for breakfast.



I started cutting the Spinach and Onion. Then we added the Onion and Spinach into hot water and let it cook for a little while. After some minutes we added the Miso flavour ingredient as well as the Tofu and let the whole thing cook a little more.


Meanwhile my roommate prepared the Japanese style eggs. She put some fresh egg into this tiny little pan. ( I have seen this type of pan for the first time in my life ever). She let if fry for about One minute until the texture got a little more thick. Then she flapped the egg over several times and folded it 3 times. She added some more egg and completed the process with flapping over and folding the egg. You can see the result in the picture. I will definitely try to do it by myself the next time. It was super delicious.


Back to the Miso Soup. Once it was cooked a little more it is basically ready to eat. We filled two little bowls with the Miso Soup and filled two different bows with the cooked rice my friend prepared in the rice cooker. Then we put the egg on an extra plate. Et voila, our breakfast was ready. It was super tasty and I will remember the recipe and try to cook it all by myself for the next time. Apart from the egg flipping it does not look too complicated and I should be able to do this – even with my limited cooking skills.


So, that was it for today. Let me know if you have different recipes for Miso Soup as I would like to know different tastes of it.  See you next time and thanks to my roommate who explained me how to make Japanese breakfast.
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