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Trip to Mount Fuji

I wanted to do this trip since the first weekend I arrived in Japan. And last weekends it was finally the right time to do it. I can see Mount Fuji every single day from my window at the office, but he is always so far away. This weekend I wanted to see a Mt Fuji close up. Therefore I rented a car with some friends from other Oakhouse locations for 24h. We chose the Times Car Rental Station at the Prince Hotel at Shin Yokohama Station. I know that there are car rental companies closer to Miyameadaire Terrace, but this company had a special winter sale. So the car only cost us 7130 Yen for 24 hours including full insurance. We started driving at 11:30 from Shin Yokohama and took the highway South and made a first stop at Lake Ashi with the beautiful Hakone Shrine located right by the lake.

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We spend some time there and had a late lunch before we hit the road again. All the way from Yokohama we could see Mount Fuji from the car getting bigger and bigger every minute. That was super impressive and actually the views from the car were my highlight of the entire trip. Our next stop was Arakuyarama Sengen Park which features this beautiful 5 storey pagoda with Mount Fuji in the background. We actually arrived a little later than expected so we parked the car at the bottom of the car and ran up the mountain to be there in time for sunset. And we literally just made in in time. We were totally out of breath, but the view was fascinating. After taking tons of picture we headed back to our hotel which was located at Lake Yamanakako. We had the typical Houtou which is a soup / vegetable/ meat kind of dish with very thick noodles. After dinner we had another highlight waiting for us. We went to Yamanakako Onsen Benifuji no Yu hot spring. It is a typical Japanese Onsen with a nice outdoor section from where you can see Mount Fuji. It was already dark but we could still spot the white top of Fuji Mountain while relaxing in the Onsen. They have a university student discount which makes the ticket only 600 JPY. Definitely a good deal. The next day we had a relaxed breakfast and drove back to Yokohama, returned the car and went home. We definitely have a lot of picture editing to do as we took so many Fuji-san pictures that weekend.
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