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Onsen Part 2

So let’s start how to get to the Onsen from Miyamaedaira Terrace.


You simply walk the 5 minute walk via the 7 Eleven to Miyamaedaira Station. You cross directly through the station and keep walking uphill. After about 100m you can take a shortcut by taking the stairs on your right. Once you reach the top you are already in front of the Onsen facility. Just walk around the corner to the entrance.


At the entrance the first thing you have to do is taking your shoes off and put them in a locker.


You then go to the check in and ask for a Onsen Ticket (Tipp: After 9:30 on a weekday they have reduced fafres, so try to take advantage of that). It might be a little more crowded than usual, but it is still a nice experience.


You will then get an electronic wristband and a bag with two towles. One regular towel and a small face towel. I will explain later how to use that one.


So you literally only need to bring yourself, no need to bring any amaneties or extras.


So basically you are good to start your onsen experience. Next step is the changing room. It is important to go into the Onsen fully naked (I know this can be confusing for some of our North American friends, Europe people should be used to that). The only thing you take with you is that small face towel. You can cover yourself with this towel a little. That is totally fine and most Japanese people do it. You will have a long shower next. Remember to fully wash youself before going into the Onsen. And don’t make that Face towel wet!


There you go. You made it until here. Now you can soak into the hot Onsen water and relax. If you feel too hot you can put that little towel on top of your head. But remember to not let it drop into the water.


You can change between the different pools every 5-10 minutes . I experienced that is what most people do. Spend about 45 min to 1h in total in the Onsen.

There is also this nice restaurant. Check it out!


After that you will have a shower again before going to the Changing rooms. You will pay at the checkout desk and complete your visit at the Onsen. Simply show your electronic wristband. You can pay by credit card, so don’t worry if you don’t have cash.
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