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Onsen Part 1

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-09 at 21.21.44It is still winter period, so I will continue telling you a little bit more about my favourite winter activities around Miyamaedaira Terrace.


Number one for sure is the Onsen which is just a 5 min walk from Miyamaedaira Station. It has actually been voted among the top 3 Onsen’s in Tokyo, so all residents at Miyamaedaira Terrace are really lucky. The close proximity to this famous Onsen was actually one of the reasons why I chose Miyamaedaira Terrace over other shared Houses. For me it is the perfect relaxation activity after a stressful day at work. In winter going to an Onsen is my favourite activity, however it is recommended at any time of the year. The onsen at Miyameadaira station features a beautiful outside and inside onsen areas with several pool. Apart from that there is a massage and relax area. In addition they also have a Bedrock bath area with 6 different rooms. On to the onsen has an on-site restaurant which is definitely recommended to visit after the onsen as it is a typical Japanese style restaurant. In the following posts I will show you all the features of the Onsen, how to get there and what rules have to be followed.


Going to an Onsen itself is a super Japanese thing to do. In Canada or the US there are hot spring and in Europe they have Saunas, but the Japanese Onsen experience is quite different. As I mentioned people go there usually after work as there are discounted tickets during the week but I also saw groups of friends there hanging out and relaxing during the weekends. There are also families going together. But it has to be mentioned that most of the Onsens separate men and women, so if you go there with your partner or spouse you might have to say goodbye for some time and enjoy the relaxing experience all by yourself. I heard that Onsens used to be mixed in the past, but they changed the rules at some point.


So be stoked about the next posts where I will explain exactly how to use an Onsen and what you definitely should do and not do. I usually go to an Onsen 2-3 times a week, so I would say I am not super experienced and probably still make a lot of mistakes, but I feel confident enough to know at least the basic onsen etiquette.

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