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With my bestie

I went to china to deal with bizarre stuff. Once again I realised contaminations and pollutions are maleficent which my roommates completely agreed with. Only good thing is that I finally could have watched the movie that was on my list in the plain on the way back to Japan.

I just missed movie that I was curious about, which was called “Dogs of isle”. Since I was missing animals so much, I am thinking about that for ages I reckon. Hope a witch comes up to me and give me one hopefully. Moment of the truth.

There is a job roll which is that I have to though garbage away and every time I do that there is an eccentric guy around the bins. Wth… However, when the brilliant guy is helping me to do that, I feel so safe. He performs really well right up to the end of work. That’s so thrilling!

And now he is coming to the share house! He used to have a kid who has one of physical disorders, but he decided to let him go to mainstream school. Think about when you are in the circumstance instead of him. Don’t you think it’s a courageous choose?

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Hello, this is Angela and I am French. Having good time in Social Residence Narita.