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Oceans 8.

I got to know an interesting quote from my roommate, which is that “Shift from reactive follower to proactive leader.” I cannot forget that. Because that’s what I aspire to be. I would rather be a reactive follower than proactive leader. I hope lead is my life’s work. Teach is my life’s work.

Saga continues. I am so glad that I can go back to Chiba. I invested around 120000 Yen so I would definitely get a return on my investment.

On the plain on the way back,I watched a movie, called Oceans 8. The theme lady is born and grow up in a criminal family. So the movie starts with the explanation for the privilege of parole which is the person wouldn’t be allowed to meet people who has criminal back ground which is most of her relatives.

The story is really interesting and thrilling specially when they actually robbing jewels. I was shaking while I was watching that scene.

Thinking of good things to make an alibi. To create a blind spot, move security camera day by day.

We gathered together on the day I arrived!

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Hello, this is Angela and I am French. Having good time in Social Residence Narita.