Meet the ‘Hair Monster’!

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Meet the ‘Hair Monster’!

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People often have a lot of big goals in life. Usually they want to learn a new language, live abroad, become a millionaire or even do or create something that will have a significant impact on the world. Unfortunately, my future ambitions are quite low having already made a life altering decision to move to Japan about a year ago. Yes, I'm also working on learning the Japanese language. Not taking advantage of the opportunity to do so while exposed to it 95% of the time is just insane. My progress is slow but sure. My next long term goal involves my hair.

I recently went to the hairdresser to ‘style’ my hair as I was a bit tired of seeing my forehead constantly for five years. My boyfriend gallantly took me to his friend who is a hairdresser. He was a knight in shining armour as well as my translator that evening. His friend offered to style my hair at no cost (thanks Kohei!). An hour later, after strict instructions not to touch the ends of my hair, I was quite pleased with the layers lying gently against my cheeks and shoulders. A tactful side fringe completed the look. He wanted to confirm that he hadn't touched the length of my hair at the back so after walking all the way to the other side of the salon to show me the result, I was glad to see the reflection in the mirror. It was all still there!

I always get comments about my hair. Most of them are usually about how long it is so I've been christened as "Hair Monster". It's not common in Japan to have very long hair it seems. Taking care of it appears to be the challenge. Short hair is fashionable but also practical. During the summer it's way too hot to have long hair and shorter is better during winter because walking into the cold wind with long wet hair is just asking to be hospitalised. You always need something quick and manageable. I'm a bit quirky when it comes to my hair because I hate blow-drying it. I hardly ever do it. Oakhouse's bathroom is fully equipped for me to do it properly but I don't. The bathrooms have high-powered blow-dryers, a separate face sink, mirror and counter for you to do your make-up and hair as you please as well as a scale so that you can check your weight if you feel like. It's quite comfortable and user friendly, having a women's only bathroom facility with the joy of everything you need at your fingertips without the burden of ownership. Thanks Oakhouse!

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