Enter the ‘Baking Queen of Ichigao West’!

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Enter the ‘Baking Queen of Ichigao West’!

Whenever my clients talk about going on vacation, whether it’s my adventure or theirs, the main highlight is always food. I’m a semi-disciplined person when it comes to food. I’m disciplined when it comes to eating regular meals - I never skip breakfast; lunch and dinner are a must and they’re all usually four to five hours apart taking work schedules and running errands into consideration. What I’m not disciplined about is dessert, also known as my sugar intake. I love junk food, chocolate is my favourite. I don’t like to experiment with it - flavors like dark chocolate, white chocolate, matcha and chocolate, orange and chocolate etcetera don’t appeal to me. Milk chocolate is at the top of the list. Since I’ve been in Japan I’ve had the opportunity to try many kinds of chocolate but I greatly enjoy Lotte’s ‘Ghana Roasted Milk Chocolate’ bar. I’m not picky about food but with my sweets, yes please, I have certain requirements.

It's 2019, the best cook I know (it’s you mom) isn’t around and I have to fend for myself. Grocery shopping is a mean task for someone who doesn’t enjoy cooking or eating but eating out every day, three meals a day, seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year...you get where I’m going with this, I’ll be basically making a living just so that I could pay for all these meals! The cost of food in Japan isn’t cheap. Some places are reasonable but cooking my lunches and dinners has worked out pretty well for me. Other than the cost, I need food instantly when I’m hungry. Walking to a restaurant or convenience store, ordering or picking up something, waiting to pay for it and then going home to enjoy it just makes me not to eat. It’s too much work. Ah! The joy of opening my fridge and popping that bowl into my microwave while I do something else in the background is heaven.

I'm not a fan of baking however. For me, cooking is a terrible chore. I don't enjoy it whatsoever. There are many cooks at the sharehouse. One of my dear friends has been christened (by me of course) as 'The Baking Queen of Ichigao West'. The young men living at this share house are very proactive when it comes to taking care of themselves and stereotypically one of men's main priorities is food. I was pleasantly surprised to see many of them bake whilst most of the women are too busy for that kind of activity. It truly shows how times have changed. I like it. I sometimes keep my friend company although I don't often help. I just look on and tease him while he does his work. Thankfully the kitchen has a lot of useful equipment to help him with this hobby and he does a pretty good job every time. I usually get samples of whatever he has baked so thanks Ichigao West for indirectly influencing and supporting my friend with his baking passion! I enjoy getting free, yummy cake and brownies!


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