Nakano Broadway – The Collector’s Heaven

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Nakano Broadway – The Collector’s Heaven

Looking for the stuff from my favourite anime series I made a short trip to Nakano. While the Akihabara is the number one point of every otaku map in Tokyo, tempting with plenty specialized shops with anime and manga goods, electronics and maid cafes, collectors should not miss to pay a visit in Nakano, in particular Nakano Broadway – a fancy shop mall near the Nakano Station.


It might be not appear impressive, if you compare it to dozens of shop malls in Tokyo metropoly but the thing I really love about this place, is that you can find there really old or rare collector items. A trip to Nakano Broadway is like a amusing treasure hunting in which I am always very curious what crazy item I will find this time?IMAG4648



Looking at the merchandise in Nakano Broadway I am suprised what kind of things Japanese are collecting. For me, it looks like somebody took all the stuff gathered in basement through years and made a shop by putting all of it on sale. If my mother would sees much of this stuff, I am sure she would go mad, cause she always used to put unnecessary things to trash. At one hand the merchandise of Broadway’s mall look like unnecessary things but, if you look closely how old much of those objects are and in how good condition they are preserved, made me think how precious of those were and still might be for some people. The vast number of many different object, from small figurines, keychains, pictures of famous Japanese idols, through rare comics and books, old movie posters, fancy t-shirts to very expensive model kits, figurines not only of anime or Marvel characters but also of famous people, shows how much Japanese like to gather things. There are so many events during year when you can see Japanese staying in very long queues to get some limited items!
Among the treasures I spotted this time are: a great poster of David Bowie and Michael Jackson figurines, merchandise from my favourite movie – Rocky, art book of Polish artist – Zdzislaw Beksinski, author of great surrealistic pieces. The richness of diferent hobbyst objects shows how vast in the end Japanese interests are.

IMAG4649 IMAG4646
If you are a some kind of otaku, love to gather things or just want to see what crazy things people are collecting, make sure to visit the Nakano Broadway.

The best way to get to Nakano station is taking JR Shonan Shinjuku line from Yokohama Station and change in Shinjuku for Chuo line (640 yen one way).


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