Exploring Yokohama 4: Minato Mirai

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Exploring Yokohama 4: Minato Mirai

Talking about exploring Yokohama there is only one place from which one should start his/her adventure in this second largest city in Japan and it is, of course, its new heart called Minato Mirai – literally "harbor of the future". The skyline of Minato Mirai is almost on every postcard from Yokohama, it is a real landmark of the city.

Until 1980s the area of Minato Mirai was a large shipyard, then development turned it in a futuristic urban area. Thanks to its location along the water area looks really attractive.

Minato Mirai is full of shopping centers and hotels, there is even amusement park! Let’s look at highlights of the area!


Landmark Tower followed by three Queen's Towers

Mianto Mirai Chuo district (central district) located along the waterfront includes distinctive sky-scrapers of Yokohama. The most recognizable structure in Minato Mirai skyline is The Landmark Tower, the highest building in Yokohama with the hight of 296 meters. Located at 273 meter observatory provide a great view not only on Yokohama but you can also recognize the distinctive features of Tokyo skyline! The access to observatory costs 1000 yen, it is open everyday.
Under the Landmark Tower you can quickly notice beatiful ship. Its name is Nippon Maru, it is a retired sailing ship built in 1930, open to the public. Across the ship there is the Yokohama Port Museum which I mentioned in the post about Yokohama other permamently docked retired ship, Hikawa Maru. It covers the port and marine history connected with the city. Museum are closed at Mondays, admission costs 400 yen for either museum and ship and 600 yen for both.


Behind Landmark Tower there is another interesting museum – Yokohama Museum of Art which focues n contemporary art and the Yokohama artists. It is closed at Thursadays, admission costs 500 yen.


Yokohama Museum of Art

Looking again at Chuo District high structures you can notice three towers, each shorter than next. They are called Queen’s Towers. Under Landmark Tower and all Queen Towers you can find enormous shopping malls with restaurants, clothes and goods shop. For the fan of characters – there are Shonen Jump, Pokemon and Ghibli goods stores in Landmak Plaza, Snoopy and Disney Shop in Tokyu mall under Queen’s Towers.
Queen Towers are followed by Pan Pacific Hotel and the Pacifico convention center, one of the largest in Japan. The Chuo district extends further inland, where redevelopment is still ongoing, so you can see a lot of construction sites.


Cosmo World Ferris Wheel and construction sites in the background

Minato Mirai Shinko District ("new harbor district") is built on large man made island connected with Chuo District. The most distictive feature of this area is amusement park Cosmo World with its big Ferris Wheel. What is interesting, as the wheel displays the time it was for a period the world’s largest clock! The Cosmo World includes colourful building stylized on Italian Burano’s architecture. There is no entrance fee to the park, the attractions cost 300-800 yen each.
The other interesting spots of Shinko district are bridal business Anniversaire area, World Porters mall with Aeon Cinema and The Red Brick Warehouses (Akarenga) which used to serve the port pursposes in the past but nowadays turned into shop spaces.


Red Brick Warehouse

I just write about a few of the many interesting and fun places of Minato Mirai. For sure everybody wil find something for himself there!


Best regards!

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