Hokusai Updated at Mori Arts Center Gallery

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Hokusai Updated at Mori Arts Center Gallery

If you are as big fan of Japanese art as me, you would be happy to stay so close to Tokyo as Yokohama is, since Tokyo has a lot of brilliant museums and art galleries. Always check news about the actual and upcoming exhibitions!

As soon as I saw a poster of Hokusai Updated exhibition I immediately made a plan to visit Tokyo’s Roppongi area, where the Mori Arts Center Gallery, the exhibition’s place is.

Mori Arts Center Gallery is located at 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. It helds various of exhibitions connected not only with fine arts but also design, fashion, manga, anime and movie.  I remember being there for the first time, during the Sailor Moon exhibition in 2016. This month I grab an opportunity to see works of the most famous ukiyo-e master, Hokusai. Just this two examples shows how diverese themes of exhibitions at Mori Arts Center Gallery are.

Enchanting architecture of the entrance to the Mori Art Museum welcomes the visitors and promises them a great art experiences.SAM_4221

The entrance to Mori Art Gallery and posters of ''Hokusai Updated'' exhibition showing a part of Hokusai painting titled: ''Kobo Daishi exorcising a demon''

While buying the ticket I was informed that the time of waiting on the entrance to the exhibition is 50 minutes. I was not surprised as I remembered well a long time of waiting in queue to see Sailor Moon exhibition and slowly moving (still in queue) at the exhibition itself. After living in Tokyo and in Yokohama for more than a year I learnt that staying in queue is a part of daily routine here. Apart of an enormous number of Tokyo mentropolitan area dwellers, after visiting some number of exhibitions there I am also impressed how truly are people actually interested in art here. They are spending quite of time looking at work, even using a small magnifying glass to see the details of it better, reading the informations and discussing about the art objects with their companion. I have never seen such a big interest in exhibitions in my country.

I visited the Hokusai exhibition at Thursday around 3 p.m. and, even if it should not be very busy hour, there were a lot of people there, so I advise to get to exhibition early, as you need to wait on entrance and are moving slowly through the exhibition to see everything. And you should see everything! The choice of presented works is really great.


The idea behind the exhibition was to introduce and showcase the true artistic life of Katsushika Hokusai. The exhibition consist of seven separate panels introducing visitor to the each period of Hokusai artistic path:
1. The Shunrou Period: Divers Works from His Debut Period
2. The Souri Period: Developing the Souri Style
3. The Katsushika Hokusai Period: Illustrating Yomihon
4. The Taito Period: The Birth of Sketches by Hokusai (Hokusai Manga)
5. The Iitsu Period: The Quintessential Hokusai
6. The Gaikyou-roujin Manji Period: For Ever-Advancing Artistry
Exhibition showcases almost 480 works of Hokusai! Some of them, assembled from overseas or rediscovered, are said to be presented in Japan for the first time! Watching the Housai Updated Exhibition I realised how many different names the Hokusai took as an artist and how much the Western art influenced his works (shading, perspective).

I am truly recommending The Hokusai Updated Exhibition. It is a great experience not only for an art lovers but for every person visiting Japan and wanting to learn about Japanese culture.

The exhibition is held from January 17 to March 24. General admission costs 1600 yen. The best way to get to Roppongi from Yokohama station is to take Tokyu Toyoko line and change for Hibiya line at Naka-Meguro station (around 440 yen one way).

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