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Sushi anyone?

“Oh, hello.”  

“Hello! How are you?”

“I’m a little tired. Thanks. You?” 

“I’m tired too but good, thanks.” 

“Are you going to the sushi party later?”

“Oh, the one downstairs? Yes, I am. What about you?” 

“I’m going too but not right now. I have some work to finish.” 

“Hmmm. Ok. What time are you going?”

“In about one hour or one hour and a half.” 

“I was finishing something as well. How about you knock on my door when you’re ready and we’ll go down together?”

“Yes, that’s a good plan. I’ll do that. See you later.” 

This conversation happened around 6:00pm when I ran into my housemate in the washroom and we decided to go to an event together downstairs at 7:00pm or 7:30pm. Half an hour later, at 6:30pm, there was a knock on my door. I thought my housemate was a bit early but it was actually my other neighbor asking me if I planned to participate in the event. He happily related that he’d been helping with the preparation in the kitchen. I told him I’d be down later on. It was really nice to be sought out to attend a sharehouse affair. 

February 22nd marked the one year anniversary of Oakhouse Ichigao West. To commemorate the occasion, management held a temaki sushi party. Temaki sushi, also known as hand rolled sushi, is a popular casual Japanese food. The conelike form of temaki incorporates rice, specially prepared seaweed called nori, and a variety of fillings known as neta. The fillings offered were eggs, fried chicken, cucumber, flaked tuna with mayonnaise, pickled radish, corn, octopus, crab, salmon and generous, rectangular pieces of tuna.  

IMG_0091 (2)

Preparations started at 6:00pm with an open invitation to assist if you so desired. The party was due to kick off at 7:00pm with a menu of sushi, miso soup, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and snacks at a meager participation fee of ¥500. Of course, the atmosphere at the sharehouse is always so light and welcoming that even if you don’t wish to have the delicious treats adorning the table at any food event, you still have the option to just sit at the table and socialize with everyone. 

As I’m not a fan of either fish or seaweed, I planned to be one of the latter group, just a bystander enjoying the company of my housemates rather than an avid dinner guest. People who attended brought along their own goodies to share like sake, cookies, rice cakes etc. All attendees got the opportunity to gain a point for being at the event. Upon the accumulation of five points, you’ll receive 1,000 POA which is equivalent to ¥1,000 which you can put towards your rent or any other payment due to Oakhouse. Not a bad deal. It seems like you always gain more than you expect when you attend events. You enjoy yourself, learn how to make Japanese dishes, have a great meal, meet lots of nice people and earn some money. Why not attend? You’ve got nothing to lose.  
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