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Going to Costco

When you're living in Japan, you want to make sure you budget your money well. One way to cut down on costs is looking at how much you're spending on grocery shopping. Luckily enough, Kichijoji has a lot of supermarkets, all with different price points. About two minutes away from the sharehouse you will find Co-op; a firm favourite of the sharehouse, this supermarket has a lot of affordable items and stocks a range of products. It is a bit on the small side, so you won't be able to have a full choice of products, but it's great for the basics.

Another supermarket I recommend going to in Kichijoji is Seiyu. This supermarket is actually the Japanese branch-off of the American Wallmart, so they have a wider selection of all kinds of goods, including a full drug-store department. The prices here are really good, but it's a bit far away from the house (about 15-20 minutes by walking) so you need to plan ahead if you're going to shop there.

If you're looking for more Western or other Asian food products, don't worry about finding them here. There's at least three Kaldi Coffee Farm shops in Kichijoji. Don't be put off by the name, while they do sell a LOT of coffee in these stores, they also have a great range of products that you might be missing from home. A little bit closer to the sharehouse you can find Carnival, conveniently located in Naka-michidori this shop sells a lot of similar products to Kaldi while also having a really great take-out bento section. It's a great spot to pick up Italian pasta, sauces and teas.

But the problem with these import product stores is that the prices can be a little bit expensive, especially if they are the daily items you cook with. This is when another option comes in: Costco!


Recently my sharemate and I decided to check out Japan's Costco. Although you need to have a member's card to shop at Costco, it's only a small fee (4,000 yen per year) and it's a price worth paying since it gives you access to so many great products. I recommend coming here with a friend, since the products are sold in large quantities - this makes them great for sharing (also great for sharing the price).

We took the train and bus to get to Costco in Tama City, it took us about an hour and we spent 700 yen for one way. The transport is really good and the bus leaves you right across the road from Costco, so it was a pretty smooth journey to get there and back. They also have a pretty cheap food court there, so we were able to eat a full lunch for less than 500 yen each, including a refillable drink!

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Costco has great prices on beer, meats, bread... Almost everything is a better price than any of the supermarkets back in Kichijoji. We all decided it's a must go-to spot for buying the ingredients for our Summer BBQ parties this year. We bought fresh cooked bagels, a roasted chicken along with a bunch of other products, from fresh produce to laundry detergent. It was really a great day out and felt even better knowing we had saved a lot of money for not only this month, but also the other months to come.


Do you think we bought enough?


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