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I’m no Naomi Osaka

Today is Tuesday 5th March, 2019. It’s one of those beautiful, sunny days. After a week of intermittent rainfall, overcast skies and cold winds, it’s finally here! If you’ve read my previous blogs you’ll know that there are two things that I’m excited to experience today. If not, I’ll fill you in.

1. On a clear, bright day such as this, on my descent towards Ichigao Station from Oakhouse Ichigao West sharehouse, I can see the amazing, snow covered summit of Mt. Fuji.
2. I’m looking forward to getting a lot of ‘the sunshine vitamin’ (which is really Vitamin D from early morning sun rays). The heat from the sun actually gives you energy you know.

With a day as gorgeous as this, the possibilities of enjoying it thoroughly must have entered most everyone’s mind, I’m sure. Unfortunately I have to settle for enjoying the day on my way to work. I woke up very early and was perky as ever. I managed to leave home a bit earlier as well so I could leisurely stroll down the streets and through the shopping district in Shimokitazawa for a bit. It was only for a short time but it was great. I wondered while wandering what I would have done that day if I did have free time. Hmmm...my train passes through Futako-Tamagawa so I always get a view of the activities alongside the Tamagawa river. I see people fishing, cycling, picnicking, sunbathing, running, playing baseball and barbecuing. The desire to disembark from the train and settle on the dry grass with a book in my hands and the sun overhead is powerful but my dedication to my job and clients always wins. This though, is one of the things I always think about doing on a cool, golden day.

Futako Tamagawa

The facilities that Oakhouse offers in the pursuit of lifestyle and entertainment fulfillment vary from house to house. At my house, we have a study room, a spacious lounge with a big screen TV, a cosy theatre room and a long, glass enclosed deck where you can see the sky and soak up some sunshine. If you’re an indoor person, these areas certainly enhance your ‘Netflix and chill’ experience. At other Oakhouses I’ve visited, there were gyms, healing rooms, full outdoor patios with a deck and furnishings as well as game rooms to shoot pool and play table tennis. Look around until you find the one that best suits you and your habits!

Deck and lounge

Here, we don’t limit ourselves to the indoors as the neighbourhood has a lot to offer. There a few parks for lounging or playing sports, there are multi-purpose gyms where you can go swimming, do aerobics, do yoga, play indoor tennis and so on. The community centre rents indoor spaces for badminton, basketball, yoga and aerobics at reasonable prices. They have a gym as well if you prefer a more strenuous work out. My favourite outdoor area is something I like to call, ‘the pit’. It’s about five minutes away from the sharehouse and it’s a huge, sand filled sports pit for activities like baseball, football, tennis, jogging, skipping and whatever takes your fancy in this kind of location. Ah yes, on a beautiful day like this I would have definitely preferred to be at the pit now, playing tennis with my friends.  I'm no Naomi Osaka, the total opposite in fact, but being outside, running around, getting exercise, having fun, feeling the warmth from the sun and being with my friends makes me so happy! Alas, I have to wait another day.
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