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Japanese Language Skills

Welcome to my next post. One of my goals when I moved to Japan was to learn at least the basic Japanese language skills. That was also one reason why I decided to move in with Oakhouse. Simply talking to someone from the house definitely helps a lot as most people at work simply speak English. I am only staying in Japan for 8 months so I know that I will probably not make it that far with my Japanese language skills. But I am happy that I moved in with Oakhouse and can practice my Japanese skills with my roommates. With this post I want to give you a little more info about what I think is the best way to learn Japanese.

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Apart from talking to the Japanese roommates I have two recommendations. The first one is a free online course offered by duolingo.com. I usually do this course on a daily basis and it definitely helped me to improve my Japanese. This course is great when it comes to reading Hiragana. It is super interactive and fun to do and also reminds you every day automatically. You can even set your daily goals on your personal interest and availability. And again it is completely free. Definitely recommended to do.


My second recommendation is to visit a language course. I am going to the one that is taking place in the Yamauchi community centre at Azamino station. This course takes place every Friday evening from 6:30 to 8:20. The teachers there are volunteers and therefore one session only costs 200 Yen. I have to say that this course was super great as the teacher/ student ratio is usually one to three or sometimes even one to two. The teachers prepare every single lecture depending on your level and help you with the grammar and structure of Japanese. They also organize cool community events and excursions like visits to a earthquake experience center, a chrismtas and new years party as well as a Hanami party where you can enjoy Sakura. There was also an event once to a traditional Japanese performance and Sumo session which unfortunately I could not attend. Therefore I can definitely recommend this language class as the teachers are great and you can experience Japanese culture as well. Definitely check them out while you are in Japan. You can find them online if you google for Japanese Class Yamauchi Community Centre Azamino. Addittionally here is the address if you just want to drop by.


Yamauchi Community Center (2−3−2 Azamino, Aoba-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, 225-0011)
Tel: 045-901-8010


Have fun learning Japanese!

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