Goodbye and arigatou gozaimasu

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Goodbye and arigatou gozaimasu

For me my time in Japan comes to and end soon and this will be my last post. I can say that my experience with Oakhouse was super positive and I can definitely recommend anyone who comes to Japan to stay with them.

In this post I want to show you the move out procedure which is really super easy. However there are a few things you have to pay attention in order to avoid higher fees or extra payments. However, if you plan ahead nothing can go wrong.

You literally have to apply for your move out date via your Oakhouse account online. The process is fairly easy you simply select the move out date and time and submit your application. The only rule you have to have in mind is that you have to apply at least 30 days in advance and let Oakhouse know about your move out plan.

Once you have done so you are good to go. On your move out day you have access to the room until 6pm and you can stay in the house until midnight in case you have a late evening flight. An Oakhouse employee will come on your move out date and do all the paper work and you can return the key to you room. I have to say that this process is really resident friendly and definitely helps a lot and makes your goodbye to Japan super easy and comfortable.


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One useful tip I want to mention here as you probably fly out from  Narita or Haneda airport. There is a direct bus from Tama Plaza station to Narita airport and also Haneda is super easy to go to via public transportation. There is a service in Japan where you can send your suitcase from your home to the airport and you can travel hands free. That service will save you a big hassle as carrying big suitcases through Tokyo is definitely not fun. You can schedule a pick up from Oakhouse with this service. They will come and get you luggage and it will be delivered the same day to Narita or Haneda. You simply go to the airport and pick up your luggage there. The cost is around 2000 JPY for a big suitcase. I can highly recommend this service as it makes your departure even more comfortable and can save you a lot of stress on your last day in Japan.

Arigatou gozaimasu.
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