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Yes! Fujisan!

Droves of people appeared and lined up waiting for the local buses to take them to the usual tourist spots. I looked around, trying to make sense of all the signs and queues but I failed. It was all gibberish to me. There seemed to be tons of destinations and it was extremely difficult to differentiate between the local buses and tour services. A quick check on the internet came up with hits of people saying that buses would take you to the mountain but once they’d sold their tickets,  they weren’t concerned about getting you back to the station. That was a bit disconcerting so I decided to avoid anyone touting an unbelievable tour to the must see spots in the area.

My friend and I opted for going on foot and explored some back roads as we made our way to Lake Kawaguchi. We stopped at a reasonably priced pizzeria since he favoured Western cuisine and for around one thousand yen we received a personal pizza, salad and mini tomato soup. It’s a nice, modern restaurant with a beautiful garden so it’s quite peaceful and charming. I have no hesitation in recommending it, Heidi’s Garden is its name. 


After our light lunch, we explored along the lake and then hopped into a gondola to take us to a height that promised a spectacular view of Fujisan. The clouds had descended however and played peekaboo with us for more than an hour while we waited, fingers crossed, for the summit to come into clear view. Whilst no amazing pictures of the mountain could be taken, we had the first experience of being asked to get out of the way for another tourist to take that highly desirable, it must be perfect, instagrammable or facebookable photo. She was polite but we were still taken aback at how much of slaves we are to social media and vanity nowadays.

After descending the mountain, we caught the local bus and went around to another lake which promised a better view of Fujisan.  Alas, still cloudy. Gosh. Ok, coffee time. We enjoyed the day slowly; soaking up the fresh air and calm existence of everything naturally in its place - the cool, quiet breeze that came gently over the water, the stirring of the long reeds as though an unseen hand was caressing them lovingly, the slow buzz of tiny insects as they labored.


I needed that. For so long I hadn’t been immersed in so much natural beauty, it seemed forever that I’d had only four solid, neutral walls boxing me into the urban cage of life and work. It was utterly peaceful and amazing. At around 5:50pm when the bus arrived to take me back to Ichigao, I was content. It had been a strenuous day but the freedom of the outdoors had re-centered me.

I look forward to my next early morning adventure!


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