Visiting Japan’s neighbours 2: South Korea part 1

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Visiting Japan’s neighbours 2: South Korea part 1

Having Haneda Airport so close you can enjoy trips to Japan's neighbours in your free time. In April I wrote about my trip to Taiwan. This time I am writting about another amazing destination, South Korea. I will give you some useful information and tips with hope it make your travel easier:)

The funny thing is that a flight with Peach Airlines from Haneda Airport can cost you less than going to Okinawa! Check the prices, choose some budget option and prepare for your travel! South Korea offers plenty to see, no matter what your point of interest is, culture, history, art, shopping, design, technology, pop-culture... everybody will definitely find something interesting there!


I spend in South Korea about 6 days, mostly staying in Seoul. I really enjoyed my trip and I wish I could stay longer to explore more places in Korea. If you plan to see only Seoul I think about 5-6 days are enough, but if you would like to see more prepare some more time!


When you arrive at the Incheon Airport you will easily find money exchange counters, pre-paid Sim card retail and portable Internet rentals. I recommend to buy also the Tmoney or Cashbee Card which are the Korean versions of Suika/Pasmo cards enabling you to get comfortably on trains/subways pretty everywhere in South Korea. You can purchase them in the kombini at the airport.

To get from Incheon to Seoul I recommend to use train called AREX, it is a cheap and fast way to get to the capital and you can use your Tmoney/Cashbee card to get on board.


*As I wrote before I mainly stayed i Seoul so my list of must-see places includes only destinations in South Korea's capital area.

1. Palaces

Seoul is a home to a five amazing royal palaces. Visiting one of them is an absolutely must-do thing if you want to learn about Korean culture and history. It may be hard to visit them all if you have just a few days in Seoul and still want to see other attractions, so the best option is to choose 1 or 2 of them. I mostly recommend visiting the following two:

- Gyeongbokgung Palace - constructed first among the Joseon palaces, some says it is the most beautiful of all.


- Changdeokgung Palace - beautifuly located and best preserved, UNESCO Heritage Site.


The entrance to each Palace cost 3,000 won. I recommend a hanbok rental while visiting the palaces. Being able to wear Korean traditonal clothes and walk through the Joseon palaces feel like you moved back in the time. What is more, when you're in hanbok you can enter each palace for free! Locals have very positive and friendly attitude towards foreigners in hanboks so do not hesitate:)

2. Jongmyo shrine

Confucian shrine that holds the ancestral tablets of kings and queens of the Joseon dynasty; UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can learn about the confucian ancestor worship and filial piety. Beware the ghost roads!


The list of must-see places will continue in the next post. As for now,

best regards!


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