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The Best Fireworks Ever

Back when I was living in Boston, we didn’t have a lot of fireworks. Sure, during the Fourth of July and maybe once in a blue moon during summer, but other than that, fireworks were almost non-existent.

However, in Japan, there is a ton of them. Truth be told, I had just heard about this event the day before, and that’s because I’m also part of the Matsudo International Association. By the way, if anyone is looking to get involved in the city, and you happen to live in Matsudo, the association is a good place to join.

Only a 10-minute train ride from Kita-Kogane Station is Matsudo Station, and from there, you walk for about another 10 minutes to the Edo River. The streets were full of food stands and vendors excited to sell you their food and alcohol.

My only regret was that I didn’t have enough time to buy any alcohol before the fireworks started. Even the convenient stores were full and the lines were long.

So we simply went straight to the river to find a spot. It was difficult. Maybe even more so than the last fireworks display I went to in Kita-Senju. Many people set up large blue tarps, covering most of the river bank. One of us almost wanted to simply sit squeezed between two tarps, but I was determined to find a better location.

It’s fortunate that we kept going because even though it was more towards the right, we were able to find a lot of space up close, and we could relax on the grass.

As the sun went down, many people’s eagerness rose until the clock struck 19:15 and a loud exploding sound could be heard from the sky. Giant colorful fireworks sprinkled across the sky, and since we were so close to them, it felt like they were raining down on us. I rose my hand, wanting to touch the sparkles of light that would never come.

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And these weren’t the slow fireworks that went up every 10 seconds too. They came constantly like paint being splattered on a black starry canvas. Everyone was amazed, some even clapping, and one of the housemates even commented that it was the best fireworks display he had ever seen.

Towards the end of the fireworks display, they even played a lot of romantic music in English. One of the songs I recognized was a classic from Frank Sinatra -- “I Love You Baby.”

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, it set up a nice atmosphere to be all lovey-dovey with your partner. Many couples that I saw were hugging and had their heads together, which was sweet. However, if you’re someone like me -- very single -- it kind of felt like you were in one of those romantic comedy movies where, before you meet the man (or woman) of your dreams, life just needs to point out how single you are first.

Anyway, I tried not to think about it too much and just sing along with the music. Regardless, Frank Sinatra is always a good person to sing along to, single or not.

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