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Miyazaki Adventure Part I

The business model within which my friends and I function is designed with mandatory vacation dates. This has it pros and cons, as everything does. One advantage is that our major vacation dates usually coincide with the rest of Japan so we get to enjoy the more significant periods such as Golden Week and Obon. Another positive point is that you always know when vacation is going to be so you can plan way in advance. Peak time vacation dates also work against you as you have to cyber struggle with throngs of adventure seekers who are booking flights and accommodation at the same time as you are. It’s quite competitive and a bit confusing. Within a day, the fare of a flight can fluctuate at least three times. You have to be vigilant to get those affordable tickets.

And so it was a couple of months ago, after tossing the idea around about flying off somewhere for a brief June holiday, a housemate, some friends and I managed to snag some cheap tickets to Miyazaki. I’d been watching the prices on one of the economy airline’s websites for about a week and finally! Below ten thousand yen. Steal of a deal. The highlight of the trip was to be Takachiho Gorge but I resisted the idea of being confined to only that town for a couple of days. After hunting for a few days, we decided on a hotel that was close to both Miyazaki Airport and the station to allow for easy access to and mobility to other places.

In Japan, the rainy season is referred to as ‘tsuyu’ and unfortunately it occurs during June and July. It had been raining for days before our flight but our spirits weren’t dampened in the least. Not having to be at work always makes your heart lighter! We landed safely in Miyazaki and headed off to the city to try Miyazaki’s popular dishes - charcoal chicken and ‘nanban’ (fried chicken with tartar sauce). They were both delicious. Personally, I enjoyed the tartar sauced chicken a lot more.


After satisfying our lunch cravings, we diligently followed the directions provided by google maps to locate our hotel. It was a bit of a walk from the station and the tall buildings and shops made a labyrinth as we wound our way through tiny backroads, cramped alleys and car parks. The city itself is developed with many restaurants, shopping venues and onsens. However, we were seeking a break from city life and desired a trek outdoors.


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