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Miyazaki City to Takachiho

Our first adventure was later that night, when regardless of a light drizzle, we aimlessly pottered along the riverside in the dark, amusing ourselves by chatting, telling jokes and trying to find tiny crabs scuttling out of our way lest they be crushed.

Forty five minutes of strolling worked up an appetite and fortuitously, we spotted a Mc Donald’s restaurant and had a quick, late night snack before we started the journey back to our hotel. Unfortunately, as we were making our way back (again, aimlessly), the drizzle intensified and we were soon running crazily down the streets, soaked to the bone, trying to find our hotel. We enjoyed a brisk, seven minute sprint to our rented lodging.

We awoke the next morning with a day in Takachiho in mind. It was pouring so we were delayed but truly, we should have started off earlier as later on we realized that getting there would be no easy feat.

Takachiho has an interesting history. The Takachiho district of Kyushu is said to be the place where Niniginomikoto, the deity of heaven found in Japanese legend, descended to govern the world. A magnificent Kagura festival is held from November through to February in Takachiho, where deities of the district are invited to a building called “Kagurayado”. Thirty-three dances (which are held overnight, from the evening to the next morning) are dedicated as gifts to the deities.

Takachiho is to the north of Miyazaki City and without a car, it takes a few means of transport to get there. Using a pasmo or suica is not an option so we were not prepared when we had to shell out loads of cash to pay for the train and bus rides. At the information desk we were able to get a bus pass but that made things only marginally cheaper (say 500 to 600 yen less in total). An hour and a half on a local train (one hour on the express) and between an hour and a half and two hours by bus to the final destination. Not a great option for people with motion sickness. We left the city behind quickly enough though and were soon enjoying scenic landscapes and tree covered mountains. The lovely bus driver even made a stop and tried his best in English to describe a must-see spot on our journey. He gave us a few minutes to take photos and advised we stay leftwards on the bus as the rivers and mountainside were more visible from that side.

We were on our way to one of the most sacred places in Japan. Life was good!

[caption id="attachment_59926" align="alignnone" width="300"]View from the bus (drive to Takachiho from Miyazaki City) View from the bus (drive to Takachiho from Miyazaki City)[/caption]
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