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I’ve been sitting here for the past four hours, thinking, “What the heck did I do this week?” Because if I’m being honest, I did absolutely nothing (but work, of course). And you know, that’s okay. Share houses are great because you can meet many people and participate in different events, but sometimes, you just want a break from it all.

Maybe I mentioned this in another blog, but I’m more of a hermit than anything else. I go outside if I want to go shopping, have plans to travel, or just recently, ride my bike. But other than that, I really have no reason to go outside. I like curling up in my blanket and watching Netflix all day or playing a good video game.

Recently, I got into a game called “Path of Exiles.” I’m still trying to figure out how the game works, but I get to smash things to my heart's content so that’s good enough.

Premiere Matsudo advertises itself to be a quiet sharehouse and for the most part, that is true. You could choose to socialize or if you want, you can stay in your room all day, too. That’s okay. But please at least say “hi” or “konnichiwa” when you see people. It’s only polite.

Living on the third floor, I’ve barely had to deal with loud noises. A lot of people are mindful so it’s easy to relax. Unless you’re like my neighbor who has sensitive hearing.

Also, there is not a lot of drama between the residents that do talk. Sometimes I hear stories of people who get into a lot of fights at other sharehouses (not necessarily Oakhouse, but share houses in general). When I moved here a little more than a year ago, I wanted to be in a quiet, calm place so I feel lucky to be in the place that I am.

However, if you do want your daily dose of noise, it’s always good to come to the lounge. Most people are active at night with a drink in hand on dinner in front of them on the dinner table. People either speak English or Japanese here. Not really both. The number of people who are bilingual are pretty rare, but everyone makes an effort to communicate with each other. Literally, everyone is nice.

The only thing I wish is for more talkative girls to move in. Out of everyone, I feel like I’m the most active girl in the house. Some of them will come out from time to time, but not for very long, and all the other girls who did always talk and participate in the house moved to Kansai, which makes me feel sad. I hope more girls will move in, in the future.

By the way, if anyone is reading, we're having a pie party on the 31st. Bring a pie/cake or alcohol. It's open to the public and it's free. So if you can come, great! 



And I wrote the Japanese myself *cries*

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