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Takachiho Outing

When we got to Takachiho the area was quiet; the rest stop was a ghost town. The weather still wasn’t the best. It was overcast, cold and there was a very light drizzle. We all started wandering around, trying to assuage our individual needs - bathroom calls, motion sickness, refreshment shortages and exploration cravings. I wandered across the street where I was approached by an English speaking American who asked me where I was looking for. Apparently I’d been standing and gaping in front of the Tourist Information Centre without realizing it. When I declared my destination as Takachiho Gorge he promptly presented me with a map (a copy of which we already had) and while regaling me with verbal directions to the gorge, a red marker in his hand flowed quickly across the map’s surface to visually solidify his instructions.

I sauntered back to my group and after pointing out the general direction we should proceed, we started off. Along the way I made a mental note of the restaurants (be advised, there are no convenience stores in this tiny town!) and souvenir shops that piqued my interest for a visit in the future. It was around 2:30pm when we began our quest to this must see attraction in Miyazaki so our pace was brisk. After all, we had to catch the paddle boats before the service closed off at 4:00pm. Along the way we saw many small, clear, square, plastic cases housing brief stories and miniature dioramas about the history of Takachiho and the Gods. They were quite interesting and slowed down our pace just a little as we read them.


The path to the gorge was as mountainside as they come; not a direct stretch but a barrage of twists, turns and loops cut into the hill. Thankfully we were going downwards so it wasn’t too much of a task for an unseasoned hiker such as myself. We cleared the final bend and were greeted with a view of a beautiful but stagnant pond where ducks were casually cruising and feeding. There was also a mechanism from days past, a waterwheel,  which stirred a lot of excitement in my friends’ hearts.


Here, we spent at least half an hour, marveling at the pond with its residents and strolling along the wooden walkways and bridges. Cognizant of the time, I alerted my group that I was heading off to find the gorge itself and secure a boat to enjoy the view of the waterfall from the bottom side of the gorge.


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