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Aoshima Shrine

It is a 1.5 kilometer walk around Aoshima's beaches and the shallow water around the island has a geological phenomenon known as Oni no Sentakuita, or devil's washboard. Visible at low tide, these perfectly straight rows of basalt rock look as if they must be the remnants of something manmade; rock formations that have been eroded by the waves to look like steps. They are natural formations which can be found farther south along the Nichinan Coast as well. Here, we were lucky as the tide was low so we were able to see nature's hand at work.


We slowly made our way to the centre of the island where we found Aoshima Jinja, a colorful shrine set back in the jungle that is said to bring luck to married couples. There were quite a few fortune telling 'games' at the meager cost of one hundred yen which amused my companions; you could use a miniature fishing rod and 'catch' a fish of your choice then reveal the fortune curled up inside its mouth, you could throw a ball and watch it maze its way through some obstacles to finally land on your 'fortune', you could shake a stick out of box with a number and then match that to your fortune and so on. Since I didn't really put much faith into so limited a selection of fortunes, I just cheered my mates on without participating.


After satiating our gaming desires, we followed the short path to the right of the shrine's main building through the jungle to a smaller outlying shrine. The scenery and silence along the way was quite mesmerizing. I felt like Indiana Jones, batting leaves out of the way, skirting deep puddles of water and impenetrable bushes and hunting for clearer paths to the tiny shrine. At the small shrine you can buy clay disks which are thrown at a target for luck. We all pitched in and bought some discs and gave it a try without truly knowing the rules or results. All good fun nevertheless.


By this time, the sun was out in full force as if it have never rained in the first place. We took off our soaking socks and shoes and waded into the beautiful, clear, cold water of the beach. We hung some of our clothes out to dry, hiked around the entire island and took some more photos. Soon enough, it was time to leave Aoshima and Miyazaki behind. It had been very short but a great trip.


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