Chaos amid my ‘first’ typhoon!




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Chaos amid my ‘first’ typhoon!

On Saturday I heard a typhoon was coming and my clients thoughtfully asked me to be safe. It hit on Sunday the 8th of  September. In the past, typhoons have come and gone, the only signs of them being strong winds and the first herald of inclement weather, hot air and clear skies. Yesterday was different. The morning started out hot and stuffy but then an unexpected heavy shower of rain came down forcing unsuspecting pedestrians to run for shelter or the nearest convenience store for an umbrella. It lasted about only an hour. The day passed uneventfully after that but trying to plan an evening out proved challenging as across the train stations, service was planning to slow down and then stop completely very early. Google Maps searches came up with ‘effective now’ weather conditions information. The dinner date I had made was cut short as everyone scrambled to close up their shops and stores so that the patrons would leave and the staff themselves could catch the last trains and buses. It was expected that within two hours the calm and quiet skies would do a one hundred and eighty degree flip and become wild and reckless. 

You could feel the buzz of excitement all over. To be honest, nothing untoward really ever happens in Japan (knock on wood, let it stay that way) but seeing man-sized notices placed near train station ticket barriers caused huge crowds to gather. They inspected the signs with looks of awe and confusion on their faces, some took photos, others whispered amongst themselves. I took a quick glance myself but continued hurriedly on my journey. It was no use perusing it anyway, it was solidly in Japanese. I assumed it was an informative sign, laying clear the conditions under which the trains were planning to operate the next day. 

Notifications about changes to train schedules

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There was a very light drizzle while I was walking to the sharehouse, I barely felt it, so I was happy to get to my room in a dry and unharmed state. I put on my television and wound down for the night, ignoring the possibilities of the approaching typhoon and what the next day would bring. Two hours later, I was disturbed by loud thuds outside. Curiosity got the best of me so I peeked and saw heavy rain outside, so strong they sounded like fists against my wall. I didn’t feel as if I was in any danger so I settled down and was lulled to sleep by the tempo of the heaven’s tears outside. 

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