It has arrived! What will the aftermath be like?




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It has arrived! What will the aftermath be like?

I was woken up twice again that night. Firstly by a feral, whirring noise. What could it be? It started off low and then quickly climaxed into a high pitched whining sound as if someone was whipping a giant dog that had lost its tongue. Another glance through my tightly closed glass doors; ah, the rain was still violent as ever but now the wind was accompanying it, wildly swinging the branches of my neighbours’ trees this way and that. I made a quick trip to the bathroom and passed out again. I was tired and not troubled so falling into a deep slumber was easy.  

Ping! Ping! Ping! What the hell?! Who’s calling me? Between sleep and semi-consciousness my mind protested and questioned what I was hearing. My phone is always on silent mode. What could those noises be? Like a pirate who only had one eye at his disposal, I woke my phone and blearily tried to read the message on the screen.  Emergency alert. Oh no! I became a lot more awake after seeing this message and although it was in Japanese, I went through the roundabout process of getting the notice translated. An evacuation in my city! I searched through the names of the wards and sighed in relief. Our ward wasn’t listed. Content that I’d done my part to keep myself safe I lay down and floated off into la-la-la land. 

Evacuation alerts


Ping! Ping! Ping! Oh no, what’s happening now?! Knowing what that audio signal meant, I sat up immediately and checked the emergency alert. Oh, same thing. Back to sleep. I woke up around 8:30 this morning. It was a bit dark for this time of the year but outside was quiet and so was my house. It had passed. Now the aftermath. Messages about the train lines were on the group chat. On no, today is going to be an absolute fiasco. The lines had suspended service and wouldn’t run until maybe 8:30. Meanwhile crowds of people were at the station waiting to get on the trains. I’d been checking Google Maps for about an hour and a half and same thing; significant delays or weather conditions were affecting the regularly scheduled times. Now I’m in a pickle. Sure, I don’t start work for a couple of hours but will things be back to normal by then? What should I do? Need to come up with a game plan. I don’t have a ridiculously busy day but still, I like to be punctual! 

Crowds at the train station


From yesterday evening to this morning, it’s been new and enlightening. I feel like I’ve finally had a slight taste of a real typhoon. Spooky weather, emergency alerts, cutting off trains at a certain time to get people indoors and to safety, the next morning crowds of people gathered at the train station while the service isn’t operating at its regular, full capability. Something to talk about at work today! 

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