I am a foreigner, but not a native english speaker.




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I am a foreigner, but not a native english speaker.

Many of my roommates asked me, how did you get your English better, good question.

I would like to talk about my university life.

My first year of university was I would say it’s not a good start. Because I could not get any of scholarship from my University. Then I was studying with my friends who got financial aid, which was not comfortable situation. I thought why is this guy is receiving about 600 dollar per month while I’m not. So I put my energy onto study hard, and I applied my scholarship again. Consequently I got rejected by the school. That is when I affirm myself that I would make money instead of aiming further scholarship. Except the time I am studying, I put myself into part time job.  Actually I could have made more money than 600 dollar per month by working. So I thought I can call it even.

I studied English when I am in Uni, and I remember I thought I studied pretty hard, but unfortunately my skill has not reached a level where I can communicate with English speakers without having significant problems. So I was trying to make my difference. Study abroad was one of my options to improve and reinforce my English skills.

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Hello, this is Angela and I am French. Having good time in Social Residence Narita.