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There has always been this thing about breathing, yes, we know that it is necessary but also I have often heard that slowing down your breathing is good for you. Listening to my boyfriend dragging air into his lungs while he slept and then trying to mimic him, I realized something. Usually when we sleep our body is in a calm, relaxed and restful state. What we are trying to achieve when we are awake (and slow our breathing) is the same thing. Maximum air inflow into our body so we can get lots of oxygen to feed to our muscles and tissues.

In yoga, I came to realise that generally, human beings breathe incorrectly. Respiration (breathing) is so automatic that we rarely think about it, unless we feel that not enough air is getting into our bodies. Respiration is the process that allows us to breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Oxygen is then used in our cells as the fuel that transforms the food we eat into energy.

When we inhale, we are supposed to take this precious element all the way in with an expansion of our stomachs but we do not. It only reaches as far as our chests. That is the first point and then secondly, a meditative technique involves using your breathing pattern as a point of focus to clear your mind and mentally re-centre yourself. What you do is, you close your eyes, start counting and breathing (into your stomachs) and mindfully channel your thoughts to counting the pace (regularly a count of ten) of your inhalations and exhalations and zone in on monitoring the air flow through your nostrils.

I would like to assume that the point of this is as listed above, to induce a state where the physical body is free from tension and anxiety but at the same time have it receive a bountiful supply of one of the most crucial components of our biological make-up.

What is the relationship between oxygen and the human body?

To burn food for the release of energy stored in them, oxygen must be supplied to cells, and carbon dioxide removed. Lungs take in oxygen for the combustion of food and they eliminate the carbon dioxide produced. A lack of oxygen or breathing pure oxygen is detrimental to our health. Respiration is fundamental for our health and overall fitness. In fact, our bodies can use oxygen more efficiently if we exercise and eat properly.

Living in the suburbs of Yokohama is great. I have a sense of being away from the cramped, polluted, somewhat dirty city. The air out here is clean and again, seeing the top of Mount Fuji makes you feel as if you live close to Valhalla. Today, I’m sitting in the beautiful, quiet study room provided by Oakhouse on an unplanned day off trying to do some deep breathing and study Japanese. It’s a great day! Find a tranquil spot like I have, a haven, and re-centre and recharge on a daily basis. 


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