Must-see Mountains in Japan

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Must-see Mountains in Japan

When one thinks about mountains, usually one think about famous ones.  Bucket lists might include visiting or even climbing, Mount Everest, The Himalayan Mountains, the Andes and of course, Mount Fuji. A few months ago I finally made my way down south because after about a year of watching the glistening peak of Fuji-San from where I live, an opportunity presented itself. I know people who have bravely climbed that mountain and trust me, it is no easy feat. You need to really have the fortitude and motivation to see it all the way through. You require special gear and supplies as well since the endeavour is a harsh and demanding one. 


It takes almost half a day to ascend and descend and the option that people usually fancy is to hike up there during the afternoon, reach the peak in the evening, sleep there at night and then watch the sunrise from the summit. The air is cold and thin, you are exhausted from the constant uphill walk and the not so comfortable sleep from the night before, maybe hunger gnaws at your stomach but I have heard it is worth it. 

The feeling of accomplishment in your mind and heart, that you did something so challenging and popular but also the majestic beauty of being amongst the clouds, basking in the first rays of the golden sun, the utter stillness that you feel around you, the atmosphere created by the excitement and awe emanating from your companions and the other adventurers, it feels as if heaven truly does exist and that is where you have clambered up to, you have joined unseen Gods in their dwelling place. 


If only my adventure had been so revivifying. A bus ride, a walk, a cable car up (not even Mount Fuji) Mount Kurodake and a lookout point (it had been a cloudy day so the view was not that great) was the synopsis of my trip. 


I have made it up Mount Tsukuba in Ibaraki but that was during autumn so the experience was devoid of sunshine, warmth and comfort. For me, it would have been a near impossible journey had I been on my own. Thankfully my sister and my friend went with me. My friend had to drag me (that is no exaggeration) up the mountain for most of the hike. 


I learnt my lesson. Whenever anyone asks, “Would you like to climb Mount Fuji?”, my answer is always, “No, thanks!”, because I know my limits. I love nature though so I have not scratched mountains off my list totally. I just need to use a more suitable method to get to the top. Next time, I will tell you how I did just that when I visited Mount Takao.

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