Asahikawa Science Centre – a treat for everyone!




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Asahikawa Science Centre – a treat for everyone!

We awoke to a rainy day. The night’s rest had been steady and I was rearing and ready to go. A peek outside showed citizens scurrying about like tiny ants, umbrellas in hand and dressed as if it was late autumn and not mid-summer. We feasted on some supplies we had secured the evening before, a breakfast of yoghurt, fruits and flavoured bread. After a hot shower to warm up we headed down to the lobby area, had some hot coffee and looked through some brochures to create an itinerary for the day. It was already midday so we ruled out going to the much talked-about Asahikawa Zoo. That was a day trip by itself. 

The rain had finally stopped but we only had a few more hours of daylight so we could not go very far. The Asahikawa Science Centre was located downtown and there was a popular street called Heiwa-dori which we figured would fit neatly into our afternoon schedule. We left and made our way to the street but found nothing of much interest (I personally think we were at the wrong place). We called that a fail and headed to the science centre easily.


Kids ran about excitedly and in an unrestrained manner, exhibiting clearly that they were fully enjoying their summer break. Did we, two full grown adults, feel ashamed to be more than thrice the age of the key clientele of the establishment? Not at all! Science is for everyone. My first activity involved being ushered aside to trace and colour a pattern of my choice onto a piece of white, flexi paper which was then toasted into hard plastic to give the creator a unique, personalised momento of their visit.


We only had an hour before the centre was due to close but we booked tickets for a presentation in the planetarium (which was delivered in Japanese but cool nonetheless - just use your imagination and create your own story!) We missed the final queue for the cold room (simulated temperatures like the Arctic) so we amused ourselves by entering a dark room that had walls lined with various everyday objects. We were encouraged to feel our way through the dark corridors and try to guess what our fingers caressed. Next, we entered a machine which gave one the experience of being weightless on the moon. We got the opportunity to be encased in a giant bubble and then spin about in a 360-degree contraption. So many treats for the body, senses and mind!


Once we had overstayed our welcome at the centre (we were asked to leave as it was past closing time) we stopped at the park next to the station. As a river and unchecked growths of bushes ran alongside the park we were not surprised to find molted snake skins coming out of holes in the park walls. That was enough for me! To the gardens and station to find dinner and prepare for the next day.



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