Be alert! The Coronavirus is here!

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Be alert! The Coronavirus is here!

This is not a movie. Although we usually enjoy seeing the main lead dashing about desperately trying to find a cure and save lives so that the story would have a happy ending and once again humans would prevail as the dominant species, the stark reality is that daily routine as we know it is on standstill.

Here in Japan, where wearing a mask is generally just common sense during the flu season, now it is a necessity. With thousands of tourists flooding into the renowned city of Tokyo, crammed trains are the norm. What the real concern is however, is that someone might be carrying and can potentially spread the deadly Coronavirus. Masks, I heard, cannot be found in the stores as they have all been bought and hoarded in an effort to avoid catching the contagion. Employees are being asked to wear masks in the office while the news continues to highlight a rising death toll. So far, fourteen cases of infection have been reported in Japan. Four hundred Japanese citizens have been evacuated from China but they are currently in quarantine at a hotel. Their case is much less dire than Chinese citizens who are prisoners in their own homes and face a complete shutdown of operations of any kind in their towns.

Last night my housemate shuffled here and there looking a bit lost. After a bit of questioning he revealed that he had been asked to work remotely from home for two weeks because he had met with a friend who had visited him from Hong Kong. In a sharehouse, the verb 'share' is fully exploited. From the front door, to bathrooms, to living and eating spaces, to entertainment equipment - literally, the entire house is a trap when it comes to diseases which are easily spread through fluids and air molecules.

I quickly read and disseminated an article about staying safe if one fears that the virus is at their doorstep. Points to note:

* Wear gloves and keep them on in subways and public spaces.
* If you have to remove your gloves for social reasons, do not touch your face or eyes. Scrub your fingers and wash your hands with soap and warm water before putting your gloves back on.
*Change gloves daily, wash them thoroughly and avoid wearing damp gloves.
*Masks are not very effective. Instead stand about three feet away from coughing or sneezing people.
* Make sure you do not touch or use someone else's towel. Wash your towels twice a week. Dry them thoroughly.
* Avoid touching doorknobs, banisters, chairs etc. Use gloves or your elbows or shoulders.
*Eat with your own utensils and do not use them together with others out of the same serving bowl.
* Do not buy or eat any live animal or fish until the source of the virus is determined.
* Open your windows to air out your space as the virus cannot linger in a well-ventilated space.

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