My typical day off at The Earth Kyoto Imadegawa




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My typical day off at The Earth Kyoto Imadegawa

It’s been a month since I moved to The Earth Kyoto Imadegawa. So far it’s been a pretty quite sharehouse, mainly because there are currently only four people living here. Everyone here have irregular working schedule, but we still get to have some time to communicate and enjoy talking about random stuffs.

I am currently working in a hotel as a receptionist. Working in a hotel means that I work in a shift system,  do not always have day offs on weekends, and from time to time my day off is sandwiched by two shifts.  It’s fine for me, because sometimes I want a day off on a weekday. Luckily I do not have night shifts. I hate night shifts.

Anyway, here’s my routine on a day off.

I always wake up at 6am whether it’s a working day or a day off.  Normally I would drink a coffee as soon as I wake up, but I do that when I go to a coffee shop later on.  If it’s a sunny or cloudy day, I would go for a 5km jogging. If it’s rainy, then hello Netflix.

Binge watching is the first thing(when raining. second thing when sunny or cloudy) I do in the morning. I don’t really follow any shows on Netflix, I simply watch anything that seems  interesting.

After lunch is the time I go out for photography, walk around the town or chill at a coffee shop. Believe it or not, Kinkakuji is only a 40 minute walk from the house. I went there once but It was already closed.  In rainy days,  I do not have other choice but to stay at home to edit photos, study HTML/CSS, read a book and think of ways to improve my photography skills. I rarely write my oakblog on my day offs. I always write one after work as a way to relieve my stress.

Once the rainy season is over, I will buy a bike so that I won’t have to take a bus or train or walk.  Having a bike in Kyoto is really convenient. You can go pretty much anywhere you want.

Once I finish all the stuffs that I need to do is when I make a dinner and post a photo on Instagram.  I usually sleep around 12 midnight when I have two days off, and around 10pm when I have work the next day.

In summer, I probably won’t have much time staying at home because of work and  photography gig.  I’m hoping to visit either Kanazawa or Tokyo when the coronavirus cases goes  back to single digit.

Stay safe everyone!


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Born in the Philippines, raised in the USA.
Living in Japan since 2008.
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Okinawa, Oita, Tokyo, Fukuoka, Shimane, Kyoto.

My passion is photography but not a professional photographer. I mostly shoot street and travel destinations photography.