Curry party in Oakhouse

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Curry party in Oakhouse

You'd be surprised to see how many Indian restaurants you see in the city of Tokyo. Well, it's not just Tokyo. Everyone loves curry in Japan. Why is it so popular? This is a hard question to answer but... why not?

Tachikawa, for example, is known to be a hotspot of highly competitive curry restaurants. I already tried several of them after I moved in March and I still get surprised every time I go to the new one because each is very different from one another.

I've never been to India, Nepal, or Sri Lanka but I think there's a great deal of diversity in curry here. You might think it's a diversity within the category (eg. many different Indian curries) but that's not true. Truly unique curries exist sometimes.

rainbow spice
"Rainbow Sprice" in Tachikawa. Two mins walk from the station. One of the best curries I've ever had in my life. and It is something different from Indian curry. This is kind of the curry that doesn't fit in the existing category.

Today let me tell you about the party I did on the other day at Oakhouse Kichijoji 2. Some of my ex-housemates invited me for this last Saturday and I thought the concept was interesting.


Basically, the rule is to bring your favorite curry to the house and we eat them. Simple! I thought it's a cool idea because curry restaurants usually let you take out their curry. (Most restaurants don't in Japan)
Also, it's the most efficient way to try all kinds of different curry at once. I'm a food lover and I'm always looking for good restaurants in the city. It was actually a perfect idea for me.

Until these guys start cooking their own curries.

curry chefs

I kind of expected this party to be as some sort of restaurant reviews but it turned out that I'm the only one who didn't cook a curry lol
The curry they cooked as surprisingly good. Like Shohei made a green curry which is a Thai curry. and the flavor was just right. He even made it from scratch. I thought we made too much curry in the end but people start showing up by the time of 10P.M. and almost all the food was gone by the time I left the house.

Curries we had on the table in Oakhouse Kichijoji 2.

The party didn't go as I originally expected but it turned out to be great, I must say. I'm ready for another curry party in the future and next time, I might try to cook with them.

A group photo taken on the same day
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