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Pizza hack in Tokyo

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Every once in a while, pizza becomes something that everyone wants. I’ve been there and I know you’ve been there too.
A random pizza party took place in Oakhouse Kichijoji 2 last week and I went there with some friends. I don’t know if I should call it a party. Nothing is really planned or organized. A casual hang out might be a better word for this.
Someone just writes down a note on a white board saying “Pizza on Friday night, 8pm?”, then people start writing down their names.
Things never starts on time. Some people start showing up around 8:30pm just because they are hungry. “Where’s the pizza? “ would be the message you see on a group LINE. Kichijoji 2 has a common LINE group where most of its residents share. and finally, some of us who really really want pizza head out to the nearby Domino’s.

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You might think those who go out for everyone to buy pizza are nice. That’s not entirely true. It is actually more fun to join the hunting party than waiting with a hungry stomach.

Pizza is expensive in Tokyo

This kind of pizza hangout can happen anytime but usually it doesn’t. Why? Because pizza is an expensive food in Tokyo. Domino pizza and other pizza delivery brands are widely available in Tokyo too. but somehow it’s not something you can eat every week. Not because these pizza are unhealthy but because it’s a luxury.

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The image above is a screenshot of Domino pizza’s website. M size is 23cm, L size is 33cm. If you were familiar with the cheap pizza in the States, this pricing would probably be hard to believe. M size pizza isn’t even enough for two guys. 4000 yen pizza has to be as big as a table.

Pizza in Tokyo is probably one of the best in the world

Let’s forget about Domino Pizza for now.
Tokyo is actually known to be one of the best country for pizza. Several of my Italian friends confirm that there are many good pizza in Tokyo. I’ve been to Italy and tried many good pizza. I would still say I liked the ones in Italy better, with respect. I totally agree with what they say about pizzeria in Tokyo.
These are the 5 of the best pizzeria I know in Tokyo.
L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele (Ebisu)



A full size margarita in MASSIMOTTAVIO. Extremely juicy.

La Piccola Tavola (Eifuku-cho)

Seirinkan (Nakameguro)

PST -Pizza Studio Tamaki- (Akabane-bashi)

How much do you think these high quality pizza served in a restaurant cost?
1,500 to 2,500 yen for a large size.
You’re not the only one who think something is wrong here.

Pizza hack

I know you can’t always go to the pizzeria, far away from your house. That is why delivery pizza exists. When you do order, though, make sure to check the point below. so you might be actually save some money.

Domino pizza gives you better coupon on their English site

Domino pizza often have better special offer on their English site than their Japanese site. This is some kind of a reverse-discrimination for Japanese people. but this is something you should be aware of.

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Place an order at the counter

Pizza delivery station is always hidden in the residential district. So, it’s highly likely that there’s one around your neighborhood. If you find one, try to order at the counter instead of ordering online. They usually give you some discount for the self-pickup. Also, you wouldn’t have to wait more than 15 mins.

Get the plain pizza

Toppings are always overpriced. Getting plain pizza and adding topping by yourself is worth doing it for the value.

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L size pizza without toppings are 1700 yen. This can feed 4 people. Just grill a bacon or some veggies you got from a supermarket or conbini. This way you get to minimize the cost of overpriced delivery pizza in Tokyo.
Enjoy your pizza!

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