A baby in the house

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A baby in the house

Just last week on Sunday I visited Oakhouse Kichijoji 2 with my wife and baby. It was the very first time that my ex housemates see my baby. Both my wife and I wanted to bring the baby to the house for a long time but I heard a baby and mother usually stay at home for at least a month, sometimes even a couple of months, after the birthday. We followed this custom? To stay indoors. There seem to be no scientific reasoning to this practice though.
Anyway, this is how it went.


Then we were hanging out with the baby for a while. All my ex-housemates must've felt weird to see a baby in the house but they were very welcoming. Everyone got to hold my baby once that day!
I was kind of imagining maybe one day my daughter moves into this share house. There will be while different people living in the house but it’d be such a great experience to spend some time in your life in a community like this.
People who live in this share house is so diverse. I wish I could live here as a high school student or something. That would have been impacted me and my life a lot.


On the same day, there was a BBQ going on and a couple of people who don’t live in Kichijoji was there too. It is always nice to see some people outside the house.
I always see some new people when I visit the house and that is what makes Kichijoji 2 different from other houses.

Grilling at the backyard

When we do a BBQ like this, there’s always someone who try to marinate things. This time we tried something different. We ordered some meat online and shared the cost. One of us found this BBQ marinated meat on Rakuten and this was really really good.


It was such a hot humid day. The alcohol disappeared so quickly!
This BBQ is becoming like a weekly thing now. I don’t think I can join every week but it’s such a good way to spend a weekend. I’ll definitely come back here again.
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