My Friend from high school visited me in Tachikawa and this is where we went

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My Friend from high school visited me in Tachikawa and this is where we went

Just last week, a friend of mine from high school visited me in Tachikawa. We were classmates back then and it’s been almost a year since I saw him last time. Just a year doesn’t sound long but last time we talked was just a short while in Nagoya.
He is trying to be a science teacher and he had to take some classes in Tokyo just for a couple of weeks. He contacted me in July and we were able to schedule a dinner before he goes back to his hometown. My wife also joined us with our baby so it was four of us.

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I chose Cinema Cafe (Cinema Cafe PIZZERIA BAR NAPOLI) for our dinner place and made a reservation for the sofa seat.
I chose this place with many reasons actually and this is one of my favorite places in Tachikawa. Let me explain why.

Good Location
I knew we all love Italian food and it is in a very convenient location. This Cinema Cafe is located in the north side of Tachikawa station. 5 mins by walk, easy to find. As you can probably guess, this cafe (more like a restaurant though) blongs to CinemaCity. A well-known local cinema in Tachikawa.

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This cinema has been in Tachikawa for many years and definitely one of the places that loved by locals. Unlike big cinema complex run by a big brand like TOHO cinemas or United Cinemas, CinemaCity is a small business, possibly private-run which you can only find in Tachikawa. CinemaCity is awesome but I guess I’ll talk more about this cinema some other time.
Anyway, there are two buildings that belong to CinemaCity. Cinema One and Cinema Two. The Cinema Cafe is located on the first floor of Cinema Two.

Good food
I think I have pretty high standard when it comes to pizza or Italian food in general. I have a couple of Italian friends in Tokyo and I’ve been to many of their favorite places. Taking that into consideration, I would say CinemaCity’s pizza is not the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life but it is good. There’s a pizza oven at the center of the cafe and they serve Napoli style pizza. There are many selections to choose from and some pizza only cost 500 yen.


Good lighting
This is one of the thithe ngs I care about when it comes to restaurant. I like darker, moody lighting which is kind of rare in Tokyo unless it’s a bar. Cinema Cafe is exactly this kind of lighting and I like it a lot.


Good beer
This is one of the things Cinema Cafe has started recently. They have many selections of craft beers. The pricing (Around 900 yen a bottle) is rather high compared to other places, though. and they are not draft beer. It’s good that we have a choice anyway.

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Good Sofa seat
A restaurant with a sofa is hard to find and it’s always full even if there is. In Cinema Cafe, however, they usually keep the sofa seat for large group or group with kids. My wife and I went there three times but we get sofa every time so far which is very helpful when we’re with a baby.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the deal here. Come drop by when you have a chance to come to Tachikawa.
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