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Business meeting + Yakiniku Lunch


When you have a plan to meet someone, either it’s a business meeting or just a casual hang out with friends, meeting them at a share-house is something what I do every once in a while. I know people usually go to a cafe or a restaurant for that kind of occasion. That’s no problem too but doing exactly the same thing in a share house is much better as an experience.
Like just a few days ago, I had a business meeting with Takao-san. He is a craftsman/designer of his own products (wallets, bags and backpacks etc…) running his own brand online. I have been helping his business (mostly on web marketing) for a few years now. We included Shohei, an amazing photographer who lives in Oakhouse Kichijoji 2, for an article we’re going to work on.
We originally planned a little Yakiniku lunch that we do everything by ourselves. It turned out to be such a fun event.

Promoting canvas wallets

The original reason we planned this gathering is because Takao san and I wanted to promote his successfully crowdfunded wallets he designed earlier this year. The wallets are 100% original designed and developed by him. The unique design matches well with the media I’m working on. He decided to do some special sales using our media. To do that, we need to think about how to promote the product. We decided to ask Shohei to write and take photos.


These are the wallet. It’s called “Litt” and it’s one of the smallest wallets in the market. The outside layer is made of waxed canvas, making it both durable and water-proof. This day we discussed how the wallet should be introduced and what kind of pictures we need in the photo.


We did this meeting in the living room of Oakhouse Kichijoji 2. Not a conference room. We chose this place on purpose.
As we talk about business, other people who live in Kichioji 2 are doing their own things. Every once in a while, someone starts a conversation or just join the conversation, tell their opinions on things we’re talking about. This random talk gives us new ideas and takes us to the whole new level.


I think having a business meeting in Kichiojoji 2 (or in any oakhouse sharehouses) helps. People are usually diverse which is definitely a good thing for business.

Yakiniku Lunch

After we did a meeting for about an hour, we moved on to Yakiniku Lunch. This was half the reason we decided to do this in the share house.


We got tons of beef, pork, veggies in LIFE (a supermarket chain) and split up the cost. It was only 1000 yen per person and the portion was more than enough even though we included Katelyn on the spot for free. It was so much food that I was full until next morning.
I do lunch meeting every now and then but you would pay the same amount of money for much less portion and low quality food.
Yakiniku Lunch at a share house makes a lot of sense in many ways.

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