Why BBQ lunch on a weekday makes sense

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Why BBQ lunch on a weekday makes sense


On my previous post, I wrote that I hosted this lunch BBQ party at Oakhouse Kichijoji 2. This is the house I used to stay and I still have many friends there. I want to join parties and see some old faces but it’s not as easy as before now that I don’t live in that house anymore. When they do have a party, it’s always happening at night. That is something I wanted to change.
Partying on a weekday lunch time was something me and my friends came up with. We just bring food and grill in a living room in Oakhouse Kichijoji2. Let me tell you how this makes sense in many ways.

1. There are many people living in Oakhouse Kichijoji 2 and everyone has different work schedule. Sometimes weekday is the best day to hang out with friends. Hagi, for example, is a playwright working mostly on weekends because those the only days that he can work with other people who work as a part time actor/actress.
2. Everything is less crowded. Trains are less crowded. You don’t have to take a train at night even after the party which is really stress free experience. ( I hate taking trains when I’m drunk)
3. Not everyone drinks alcohol. I do drink every once in a while but not too often and I certainly don’t drink alcohol on a week day lunch time. By hosting a party at lunch time, I can make the lunch time more productive. Last time I did this, I combined the party with a business meeting. This is certainly something I cannot do at a party at night.
4. So much cheaper than eating out. It depends on what you get but it’s usually so much cheaper to buy everything at a supermarket and just grill at home. In Oakhouse Kichijoji2, there’s an electric grill, plates, cups, cutleries… Basically everything we need to have lunch. We usually pay only 1000 yen to 1500 yen each for the whole food. (and it’s always more food than we need)
5. Much healthier than eating out. We always eat too much carbs and less veggies than we actually need. This is especially the case if you try to go cheap when you eat out in a restaurant. Our BBQ lunch is much healthier because we always get many veggies.

■ Catch up with friends and Shopping

What we did first was the shopping. We first met up with friends in Kichijoji Station. Hagi came to help with the shopping and Yui was on the way to meet up her friends. She could not make it to our party but we did some catch up. It was the first time that Yui met Hana, my baby.


After that, we went to the biggest supermarket in Kichijoji, Seiyu. We bought food for more than 7 people. Hagi had the chance to handle the stroller.


Takao-san was kind enough to pick us up with his car at the supermarket so we did not have to walk back to Kichijoji2 with lots of food.

■ BBQ-ing at Kichijoji 2

We started cooking as soon as we arrived at the house. There was so much food!


We got so many veggies. That’s something we cannot control when we eat out in a restaurant.

■ A surprise birthday present from Thomas

One of my friends, Thomas, gave me a birthday present on that day. It was a set of many Japanese sakes. That was very nice of him.


I want to bring this back to the house next time and drink with everyone.


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