IKEA hotdog party at Tachikawa Garden Town

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IKEA hotdog party at Tachikawa Garden Town


Hotdog party is one of the things I wanted to do for a long time. My wife Momo and I finally made it happen on the Christmas Eve just last week. We invited our friends Doritol and Poke-chan who recently got married. They visited our apartment for the first time.

Where it all started

Why hotdog? It’s actually really random but we found this song on Twitter and it was kind of a meme for a while.

It’s really simple but funny and catchy at the same time. People tweeting this song was like “this song keeps repeating over and over in my head!” I totally understand. It happened to me too.
Momo and I heard it once and we were laughing for a while lol. It’s dumb but all the elements melody, lyrics s etc... really stick for some reason. I also heard the composer doesn’t know Japanese at all.
Anyway, that’s where we got the idea or more like hearing this song made us want to eat hot dog lol

IKEA’s hotdog set

Naturally, IKEA was our first choice. There’s a IKEA store in Tachikawa and it’s very conveniently located even if you don’t own a car. IKEA stores are usually located close to the port and it’s usually far away from train stations. IKEA Tachikawa must be one of rare cases.
Anyway, IKEA’s hotdog is one of the things I always get every time I have a chance to go there. It’s really cheap as 80 yen and good for the price.
Many people know about this hotdog but I bet only a few knows about the take away hotdog set available at the shop.


There is sometimes a sale like this. 10 buns with 10 sausages. There are also toppings like fried onions, pickles, and sauces like ketchup, mustard available at the shop too. We got them all and made the authentic IKEA hotdog at the house.


The hotdog was soooo good! It was probably because you prepare your own hotdog. I guess the IKEA magic ( you’re happier with the product if you assemble the furniture by yourself) is there with the hotdog as well.
After the hotdog and cakes, we watched the movie Home Alone. It’s one of the movies that keep showing on TV during Christmas holidays in Japan.

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This little party was going on around 5 or 6pm. We had some coffee afterwords and called it a day.

Overall, it was a fun party. I guess it’s not really much like a Christmas thing to do but I guess that’s okay. My friend Thomas already told me that he is planning some authentic Christmas dinner for friends on the night of Christmas day. I guess that’s something I’ll write about on the next article! Have a nice Christmas holiday :)
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