An British Christmas dinner at my friend’s place

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An British Christmas dinner at my friend’s place


It’s a little bit late to talk about but my friends and I did a Christmas party on the 25th of December. Thomas invited a group of friends to have an authentic Christmas dinner at his place. Hard to say no to this kind of event especially when it’s about food.
I was surprised to know that he is cooking a turkey for dinner. I’ve had turkey before but it was in the United States. I’ve never had turkey in Japan and I didn’t think it’s available here.
Thomas told me that there’s this French supermarket where you can get all the stuff. Everything they have is frozen though. Anyway, it’s cool to have a supermarket like that.
I met Thomas when he was living in Oakhouse Kichijoji 2. He already moved out but he still lives in Kichijoji. He lives in a share house and the kitchen is very nice. The best part is that there’s an oven in the common space. I guess that’s a must when you try to cook a Christmas turkey.

Preparing and lots of waiting

A frozen whole size turkey takes a lot of time to defrost. Thomas said he moved his turkey into the fridge three days before but it was still partially frozen after two days so he had to put it on the running water. I had no idea but it apparently not just putting in the oven. You need to do some stuffing with onion and bread, season it, cook veggies as a side dish, make a gravy. The dinner was from 7pm but he actually start doing things at 2pm on the same day. This kind of things really take some time.


I arrived very early so I did a little help while he was cooking. Mostly just carrying things though. I left the actual cooking to good hands. The whole turkey barely fit in the oven and the surface of the ski was turning brown quite quickly before heating inside the entire meat. It turned out to be all right in the end but you might want to check the size of the oven before everything.
We took the turkey out of the oven every now and then to see if the cooking is going okay. The last thing we want is to burn the entire thing. Other than that, we had a plenty of time to kill and this is what we found in the kitchen/dining area.

image_preview (7)

After a few round, people start showing up and preparing other food. Everyone was pretty hungry by then. Other things like, veggies, potato, gravy did not take much time.

An authentic Christmas dinner

Here! The turkey is done. It was huge and cutting was another challenge, not because it was hard but there seems to be a certain way to do it according to our mighty chef.


The turkey was great and the mashed potato was such a nice addition.
Some of us brought more food along so turkey was not the only food we had.

Dessert time

After the meal, we had some dessert. Apparently eating ice cream is supposed to be the thing according to Thomas.


It was such a satisfying meal on a Christmas day. It was so much work for the chef to prepare and cook everything. Next year I would love to help and actually do some stuff for cooking.
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