My favorite Pizzeria in Tachikawa, “Pizzeria e Osteria MUGI”




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My favorite Pizzeria in Tachikawa, “Pizzeria e Osteria MUGI”


Italian food is one of my favorite food in Tokyo. Pizza especially is something that I often go out for. One of my Italian friends, Thomas, told me he never order pasta in a restaurant because it’s something he can cook at home. I guess he is right. Pizza, indeed, is a different story. You would not be able to bake a decent pizza without pizza oven and pizza oven isn’t something that you can easily come by.
There are many good pizzeria in Tokyo and that’s something not many people know about. When I say good pizzeria, it’s not some localized pizza for locals. It’s the kind of pizza that Italians would miss. In fact, most of my Italian friends in Tokyo say some pizzeria in Tokyo are as good as the ones in Italy. I’ve traveled to Italy myself and I agree with that. Thomas says these high quality pizzeria should be on Lonley Planet, even though it’s not Japanese food. So, trying new pizzeria in Tokyo is worth your time.

Pizzeria e Osteria MUGI

Pizzeria e Osteria MUGI is the pizzeria that I found very recently (just one and half year old). It’s within walking distance from Tachikawa Garden Town, the Oakhouse apartment that I live with my wife and a 7 months old daughter. MUGI is run by a local company in Tachikawa and one of a few pizzeria with a real pizza oven using firewood. For me, these pizzeria with real oven is one of the requirements when I choose a restaurant. I guess there are so many factors that define the quality of pizza but pizza oven seems to be a big part of it in my opinion.


MUGI is conveniently located within the 5 mins walk from JR Tachikawa station on the south side. However, the restaurant itself is located on the second floor and it’s one of the busiest area in Tachikawa. I know the area well and I actually have been to a bar on the second floor of the same building but it took me a while to realize that MUGI is on the second floor.

This is how the pizzeria looks like from outside. It just looks like an ordinary business building from ouside and it’s very easy to miss. The sign on the street is the only thing that shows the location of the restaurant. There are many other signs on the same street. This restaurant is basically hidden in the plain sight.


This is how the restaurant sign looks like. They may need a better sign to make them look more visible. I guess this explains why I did not know about this restaurant until now.


I went to this pizzeria for the lunch time on Saturday but there were not so many people. I did not have to wait to get seated. The interior looked nice and clean. The pizza oven is located in front of the counter and you can see the fire if you take a seat in front of the oven. The oven is not made of traditional bricks and that’s something I’ve never seen.
It still looked cool, though. It reminded me of artificial satellites NASA used to launch back in space race age.


I got Margherita as I always get when I visit any pizzeria for the first time. It was a big piece, definitely enough for 1 person. Tomato sauce was good but I hoped the amount can be slightly more. The best part of this pizza was probably the cheese. I heard that they import the buffalo mozzarella from Italy. Buffalo mozzarella is my favorite cheese for pizza and I was actually surprised to be served for a lunch. It’s a high quality cheese and usually not served on a 1000 yen pizza. It was great in fact. The crust was not a thin type that you see in izakaya. I always love a pizza that the crust has it’s own taste. Good pizza never bores you even after you finish the tomato sauce and cheese.


The pizza came with a home made chilli oil. The waiter warned me not to put too much because it’s very spicy. He was right. It was way too hot for pizza. It’s okay to pour a little but it was so spicy that I appreciate the pizza better without it.
Overall, I’m pretty happy with the pizzeria MUGI. I paid 1500 yen for the lunch pizza with a choice of drink, dessert, and a small bowl of salad. It’s really not bad for the quality of food they serve. On weekdays, the lunch menu is even 1000 yen. It does not come with a dessert but that’s totally okay for a quick week day lunch. I would definitely come back next time with friends, maybe at night after badminton.
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