Mexican party in Oakhouse Kichijoji 2

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Mexican party in Oakhouse Kichijoji 2

When you decide where to live in Tokyo, what is it that matters the most? The size of the house? Distance from the train station? How it’s like in the neighborhood? I would say the community matters to me the most.
When I say “the community”, it’s safe to say it’s about a real place with real people. I was not sure how it’s like to be a part of the community until I moved in Oakhouse Kichijoji 2. It’s great to have a place like this even after you move out.
On the 18th of January, I was invited to a party in Oakhouse Kichijoji, one of a few Oakhouse share houses located in Kichijoji. I used to live in the house and I still hang out with the people there. This time, I brought some friends of mine who I got to know in Tachikawa, which is where I live now.

Mexican food made by a bunch of housemates

Actually, I did not plan to go to the party because it was on Friday night and I usually play badminton in Tachikawa with some local friends. However, our reservation got canceled because of the maintenance going on at the Shibasaki gym, the gym where we play badminton. I knew that the Mexican party was planned in Kichijoji 2 so I told the team that could be our plan instead of badminton. Tachikawa and Kichijoji is a little bit distant to each other (20 mins by train) but it turned out that almost everyone made it to the party.

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The Mexican party was about eating Mexican food cooked by a bunch of people who are absolutely not Mexicans. but who cares as long as the food is great. Our chef Thomas, was one of the people who cooked and his food was, as always, fantastic. I always think living in a share house is a heaven for those who like eating good food. If the community is big enough, more than 20 residents, there’s at least one or two people who are good at cooking. I myself like cooking and I used to cook sometimes in Kichijoji 2 as well. You know people like us are just happy to look at people enjoying your own cooking. As long as you say you like the food, we’ll do it over and over again.

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It was officially a Mexican party so the designated alcohol that night was tequila, of course. Corona beers are something you cannot miss as well. The beer was actually very decently priced. 6 pack for 800 yen. Considering it’s an imported beer, Donki is doing a really good job. Limes were also available at Donki as well. It was just perfect.

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Some start playing music after awhile. That’s something I often see in that share house actually. We don’t need to go to Karaoke for music.
I left the party to catch the last train back to Tachikawa. It was way past midnight. I guess the party was still going on even after we left. I miss the moment of after-party where most people are gone but a few close ones in the messy room. Dim the light with a cup of coffee talking about all sorts of things in life. I cannot be there at that moment because I have another house to go back to now. I guess that’s the privilege that only Kichijoji 2 residents have access to.
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